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Full Version: Gas Mileage For Diesel Vs.gas Engine
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Just a general question as contemplating purchasing a Class A diesel. We now have a gas engine and would like to know pros and cons for diesel.
Basically, a diesel, while it costs more, gets about 25-30% better mileage than a gas engine, it has better torque for pulling steep climbs, it is more dependable than a gasoline engine because it is simpler, and, finally, because the chassis must be much heavier to carry a diesel, the coach carrying weight is higher. Up until the last couple of years, I would have said that diesel fuel is much cheaper, but that is no longer the case. If you can afford it, by all means, go with a diesel. You will be happy.
Do not buy a diesel for mileage alone. You will never recoup the extra cost.
If you are looking beyond the mileage issue, a diesel will give you more torque for hill runs, pulling, and longevity of service.

Gasoline engine powered coaches typically run up against their performance curve in the average running and towing capabilities. That is why the shorter life, and more frequent oil change intervals. Also more heat is generated.

Diesels on the other hand operate easily in the RV envirionment, and because most are rear mounted, are quieter, produce less heat in the cockpit area, and generally have longer range between fuel stops(higher capacity tanks) and are not as sensitive to hauling weight. Also because they are heavier, the parts are more heavy duty.

Maintenance costs on a diesel are greater because of larger oil loads, larger filters, more complex to service, and more things to service. (colescent filters, air brake filters, ping tank maintenance, larger batteries, alternators,tires)

If you are buying for long range both in years, and mileage, choose a diesel. You will love the driving and ease of mountain pulling.
Big Ben
We are full timers, and after 2 gas powered MHs we have a diesel now. In my case the mileage is very similar. About 8mpg in all 3. The maintance is much easier on a gas job, particularly if you do it your self. Granted the the diesel is a bigger heavy unit it. I much prefer driving the diesel, not because of the power . It has a better ride and a shorter turning radius. . That being said if I were to go out and buy a new one today I would strongly consider a gas job. We run between 6 and 8000 miles a year so you can easily expect 10 years on a gas job.
Todays gas coaches are very well powered,and come on heavier chassis w/ bigger tires & wheels.

If I was a full timer I would have a diesel coach, for long range dependability, but mainly for the extra room offered by the 4th slide. To my knowledge there isn't a 4 slide gas coach out there. I certainly wouldn't buy a diesel primarily for the extra weight I could handle because I already carry too much stuff as it is.

As a previous post said when you factor the $30,000 plus extra for the diesel, and the roughly 40 cents more a gallon in fuel; it will take along time to recoup those expenditures.

I have a gas coach but we only drive , on average, 6000 miles a year. It handles all I have asked it so far!!!!!
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