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I would like to ask John Blue or anyone else who can help if spring is a good time to visit Florida. We have been there before, but not in our motor home. We would like to come at a time when it is not too terribly crowded, too hot, or during a hurricane. We're not picky at all, are we? We thought maybe the spring would be the best bet. The winter visitors will be returning home and the summer folks won't be there yet; it will be warm (and that's ok because hey, we live in Texas after all) but hopefully not stifling; and the hurricane season won't have started yet. We are thinking of going down the west coast to the Tampa area, then to the Everglades and on down to the Keys. This would probably be in late April (after spring break!) and May. Any thoughts or suggestions? TIA.
Most of the snowbirds clear out of Florida at the end of March, so April and May are excellent times to visit. The temperature is still liveable, the humidity is down, and the crowds are more sparse. Bring money.
QUOTE(Beastdriver @ Jan 10 2008, 08:11 PM) *

Most of the snowbirds clear out of Florida at the end of March, so April and May are excellent times to visit. The temperature is still liveable, the humidity is down, and the crowds are more sparse. Bring money.


And lots of it.
Thanks for your replies. I just hope we don't run out of money on the way over there paying for gas! How is the job market in Florida these days? We may need to supplement our retirement income so that we can stay a while, have some fun, eat, and buy gas on the way home.
TXRVr> Such a traitor!!! Going from the greatest vacation state in the union to FL?? How could you? We natives may have to revoke your privilege to live in TX and require that you apply for a green card.

But if you must, then I would suggest you get off I-10 somewhere around Pensacola and do the Emerald Coast highway down toward Tampa. Extremely scenic drive and lotsa nice campgrounds. St Augustine is another nice place to visit. Key West is fabulous IF- you can get a campground site there.

Disney World may be an employment opportunity for you. They hire seasonals, but you will have to apply in person. You would have a better chance of getting hired if you went during the winter months of Jan and Feb.

Good luck and dont forget to apply for the green card before you come back. smile.gif
The employment situation in Florida is pretty pathetic right now, primarily because most of the folks that work in the building trades are out of work and are accepting any type of job they can find. Of course, you can always find jobs that nobody else wants, except the illegal immigrants. Good luck.
Bud in Florida
There are some really nice campgrounds in Fl. On the west coast around Tampa, I would suggest Ft Desoto Park. It is a county park and really nice. One the east coast I would suggest Jetty park. It just went Passport America and will be really reasonable after April. Camping in keys is costly and not great. There is one state park down there that is nice, but hard to get into.
Again thanks for all the great responses and suggestions for places to stay.

First, I appreciate the job info, but I was joking--at least I hope I was.

Now RLM don't forget I choose to LIVE in Texas so it's like a vacation year round. I would never abandon my home state for another one. You can take me out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of me. I am so true native Texan that I would never need a green card to get back in. Thanks for your travel suggestions. We have driven along the Emerald Coast (but not in the motor home) and we have flown to Orlando and saw things there. We even saw the last shuttle launch in 2000. Very exciting! But we have never been to the Everglades or the Keys, and would really like to see them. We would also like to spend time around Tampa and St. Augustine. So much to see--so little time.

One last question. If it is hard to find a campground in the Keys would it be better to stay up somewhere south of Miami and just do day trips to Key West and other points of interest in the area? What do you suggest?
Florida Native
We live in Florida and camp here all the time. Past march, you will not need any reservations and can camp your way down one coast and back up the other. Lots of wonderful campgrounds and stat parks here. good boonocking also. I would suggest to stay away from the touristy spots; cheaper and more fun too. Enjoy yourself. We hope to be heading to Texas in about a month.
Thanks Lindsey, I appreciate your reply. Your map indicates that you have never been to Texas. Let me know if I can give you any information. Travel safe.
John Blue

Sorry for the delay, we were on a cruise ship and did not get your post in time to answer. Everyone's post is the same information as what I would also post. Great time to tour down here as we do in spring time. Everyone here will travel north in April/May time frame so you have the hold state to pick from. We live outside of Tampa and could show you the good places to see if we are at home. tongue.gif
Thanks John. I appreciate your reply. Sure sounds like you cruise a lot. We've been on 2 and enjoyed them both. I'm ready to go on another one sometime. I'd love to hear about all the neat places around Tampa. When we're ready to come I'll give you a shout.
Spring is a great time for Florida. Just leave before hurricane season as you don't want to be on the east coast or west coast trying to beat out a hurricane with several hundred thousand other vehicles around you.

Do not go to Destin, Topsail State Preserve. The sites are way too nice and the beach is all white sand. Just a terrible place to have to leave after you have been there a couple weeks.

Have a safe trip

We've seen for ourselves just how "bad" Topsail is. We only drove through it in our car last time. I am dreading having to stay there when we go to Florida again. laugh.gif
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