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Full Version: The Best Way To Rv In Australia - Backhauls
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The RV industry is by far smaller in Australia than the USA, but in many respects thats probably a good thing. I have just started cruising around Australia, but I have some tips for how best you can do it, particularly if you are interested in holiday trips. The other option is buying and selling a less expensive vehicle. The best option is doing a RV return. You can get a 'campervan' for as little as $1-5/day with a $100-300 trip fuel allowance to return the vehicle to base. I took 8 days to drive from Darwin to Sydney, paid just $5/day and got a $300 fuel allowance, which covered half the fuel cost for the 400-4500km trip. Anyway I have documented my trip in my Campervanning blog at, and there are photos as well.

Hello Shouganai and welcome to this site rolleyes.gif
Latest issue of Motorhome magazine showcased an RV show in Dusseldorf, Germany. Was great to see how the European market translates to RV's of very different design than what we traditionally see here in the States. Said the prominate product at the show was diesel-powered (super) class-C's, with a few luxury front-diesel-engine Class A's. Great favorite was a class A with side-entry 'garage' into which a Smart Car fit! Amazing!
Keep on posting. We'll enjoy RVing down under with your adventures! cool.gif
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