I wonder why valve extenders are not considered STANDARD on an RV??? How in the heck can you reach the inside wheel without them? The first time I bought an RV, nobody told me about valve extenders. I just niaively skipped out with my RV, then went on a trip, tried to check air, then scratched my head. Called the RV dealer (this was in 2004), and THEN they tell me about valve extenders. dry.gif

'dem things ought to be STANDARD! On the other hand, they are a pain in the butt! On the first RV, I had to replace them twice, fortunately, I was still in warranty period. On my current RV, I have had all replaced. Dealer did original ones, Les Schwab (west coast tire chain) did the replacements. Haven't yet had a problem with the ones Les Schwab installed. biggrin.gif

If you do a lot of travelling in small towns in the West, always good to get your tires at Les Schwab. I remember when I had a job where I travelled a lot, my co-worker said, "Get your tires at Les Schwab, because there is always going to be a Les Schwab in every one of these #$%# little towns we have to go to!" ph34r.gif