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Full Version: Dogs Into Canada
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I am new to this. I am planning on a trip from AZ to NY State next summer. My 14 year old pug will accompany me. I would like to include an extended side trip into the Maritime Provinces of "Canada. What are the "rules" for entering (and leaving) Canada with a "canine companion"?
Thanks for any information you can give me.
Hi painter66

I copied the following info from the Canada Border Servuces Agency website. (
It is not easy to locate on there, but this is what it says:


- issued by a licensed veterinarian


The animal is accompanied by a certificate of a veterinarian that clearly identifies the animal and shows that the animal is currently vaccinated against rabies. Animals less than 3 months of age are not required to be vaccinated for rabies.


Exemptions from rabies certification: An assistance dog that is certified as a guide, hearing or service dog when the dog is accompanying the user and dogs under three months of age.



Require: Valid Rabies Certificate
(vaccination good for 1-3 years: check certificate; ensure it is still current)
Check animal matches description on Rabies Certificate
Check animal appears healthy - ie bright, alert and responsive, if not ask (may have been sedated for travel - this is OK)
Assistance dogs with their users do not require Rabies Vaccination
If no rabies vaccination complete form CFIA/ACIA 5347 (Notice to Vaccinate) and fax completed form to the District Office (DO) where the animal will be residing (Owner is responsible for contacting the DO within 2 business days of arrival at the area of residence for follow-up, the CFIA vet will collect any fees required during follow-up, they are not collected at the border).

Hope this helps.
Painter: We live in Maine and spend the last two weeks of August in the Atlantic Provinces each summer. You will need the shot-records of your dog to cross into NB or NS. Sometimes the guards just check our dog's collar for the rabies vaccination tag...other times they ask for a hard copy of vets' vaccination records. Things are tightening up at the crossings in a lot of ways.

Don't let this discourage you....Nova Scotia, P.E.I., and New Brunswick are wonderful places to travel. Good luck.
you won't have a problem if you have your dog tagged & have updated papers on either side of the border.
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