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Full Version: Oh You Canadians....
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If you are ever travelling in the US up near the US/Canada border, more than likely, the cable company at the RV park just might carry one or two Canadian channels. The cable I get at home does carry a couple of them. The Canadian equivalent to "Saturday Night Live" is "Royal Candian Air Farce." If possible, try to watch this. The Canadians just get "in your face" about politicians. I just roll on the floor laughing! Amazing thing is, I don't know anything about the individual they are "poking" at, but I still roll on the floor laughing! tongue.gif

On the other hand, NO FAIR poking at American politics! ohmy.gif But I have to admit, the Canadian view of the current US Presidential candidates is way funnier than what American comedians do! biggrin.gif Makes me stop and think..... if this is how we look to other countries, then we really must have idiots running for the highest spot in the country! biggrin.gif

Keep it up, I love watching Royal Candian Air Farce!

You can watch episodes at their web site -

And the reason we have idiots running for president is because any idiot is allowed to vote biggrin.gif
I get a big kick out of the way Canadians poke at their politicians on "Royal Canadian Air Farce." However, lately, with Tina Fey doing her "schtick," I think Saturday Night Live has "Air Farce" beat at the current time..... I'm going to have to check out "Air Farce" to see if the Canadians are poking at American politicians and do a comparison. Sometimes it's interesting to see another country's comedic interpretation of American politics. On the other hand, from the Canadian news I catch occasionally, it appears Canadians are having a MAJOR election this year, so maybe the Canadian comics are too busy playing that up to poke at American issues.....

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