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the gang 1
We are planning a trip in June of this year for a family vacation. We are going to the hill country in Texas because we heard so much about it. We have chosen three state parks and one COE campground. Guadalupe River State Park, Colorado Bend State Park and Pedernales Falls State Park and Potter Creek Campground (COE) . What we are looking for is a campground that has a pretty, sandy beach, hilly terrain and lots of vegetation between the campsites, we would also like a park with lots of trails for hiking, a real senic park. Can anyone tell me which of these parks best fits this discription and is the most senic park. If possible could you rate them in order being the prettiest one first. We will spend 10 days in this area and then spend another 10 days in the Big Bend National Park area in Texas, what we are looking for in this area is more of a canyon type terrain with mountains. Also can anyone reccomend any parks in this area that fits this discription too. We are from Louisiana and all we know is flat land. We are new to this forum too. Thanks
Gang 1,

Welcome to the forum. I didn't want you to think our Texas hospitality was lacking so I decided to answer your post even though I am probably not the right person to do so. All of the hill country places you've mentioned are pretty close to us, but I really don't know much about them because we've never stayed there. When we travel in our RV it is usually to places outside of Texas. The best advice I can give is to read the reviews for them on this site. (Although I did not find one for Colorado Bend.) They all seem to give good information. Also check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife web site which gives pretty comprehensive information about all the state parks. The URL is The three state parks you mentioned are listed there. Potters Creek, the COE park, is not. Of the four, Potters Creek is the only one on a lake (Canyon Lake). The other three are on a river if that makes a difference with you. Sorry I couldn't give you any first hand information. Hope you have a great trip and travel safe.
TexasRVers> Doesnít TX hospitality come with a platter of BBQ brisket? If Gang brings a pot of LA gumbo, Iíll volunteer to swap meals.

Gang 1> Respectfully, are you aware that Texas has no mountains; vegetation is a product of rain which we havenít had; itís pretty if you like scrub oak trees and cactus, our only beaches are on the coast, and that the ďhillĒ country of Texas stretches from along the west sides of San Antonio to Austin?? Thatís at least half dozen counties (parish) to cover from one campground.

I have used several campgrounds in that area. Potterís Creek is a Corp of Engineer Park located on Canyon Lake. Very nice park. Website review can be read here It is in hill country, but a half hour drive is normal to get to most tourist locations. Personally, I think itís worth the drive. It doesnít have sewer hook up but the sites are spacious, bathhouse facilities are nice, and thereísí a convenient dump station.

Guadalupe River State Park is on the river and equally as nice. Review it here. If you havenít been tubing on the Guadalupe then you havenít lived.

I wouldnít put my dog at Pedernales Falls State Park. I drove into it, but did a u-turn and left. Maybe a little harsh, but Iím a Texan so I can be honest. Also, I have a 40' motorhome and it wouldn't be compatible there. I havenít stayed at CO Bend.

Two other places I might suggest. Garner State Park. Very nice. But again nearer San Antonio than Austin.

Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park in Fredericksburg. Review site is
No sandy beaches or hiking trails, but it is the ideal C/G to park while visiting Fredericksburg.

On the subject of Big Bend. Unless you actually stay at the campground in the park, there arenít any decent ones anywhere near it. If you want to be in the park campground you should make the reservation now. School is out in June and it will be packed full.

Welcome to the website. Hope this helps. If you need suggestions on what is available in the hill and bend area, please ask. Like Louisiana, there are lots to see and do here.
QUOTE(RLM @ Feb 28 2008, 06:41 PM) *


On the subject of Big Bend. Unless you actually stay at the campground in the park, there arenít any decent ones anywhere near it. If you want to be in the park campground you should make the reservation now. School is out in June and it will be packed full.

Have to agree with TexasRVers on this 110%. Sadly, it is almost as the management of some the private commercial CG know they have a lock on the CG business and have only done the minimum to maintain what they have to offer. Before dropping down to Big Bend reprovision with fuel and groceries. Prices are elevated down there.

Actually RLM made the comments about Big Bend--not us. But I assume he is correct since I have heard the same thing from many others. You just have to remember that they try to keep Big Bend very natural on purpose. They do not want big RV resorts spoiling the scenery so things there are a bit on the rough side. If that's how you like to camp--great. If you like more amenities and landscaped sites, you should try some place else.
Gang 1,

I was just looking at the new reviews on this site and noticed one for South LLano River State Park located in Junction, TX. It sounded like it might meet many of your requirements. I know it wasn't one of your original choices, but you might want to check it out. You should also be able to find it at the Texas Parks and Wildlife web site that I mentioned earlier. Just a suggestion.
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