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Full Version: Degrading Reviews From Past years
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Dear Administrator:

I must protest the condemning review that is posted 04.02.2004 for the park in Lake BuenaVista.
My first concern is the dated visit is in the year "2002".
My second concern is the scene of the alleged incident.
The reviewer (a female in the WOMENS bathroom/shower) stated "He was hanging over the top of the shower stall and I saw him when I turned to rinse my hair". Knowing the park, this would not be possible unless the man was IN the Bathroom/Comfort station. I suppose this is possible as this park is treated as all do, with casual accomodations. Doors are locked at night at the Comfort stations, accessed by your key cards but during the day it is like any other park.
The reviewer also stated"I wanted to warn others that when you call 911 from the bathhouse phone you will be connected to security - not the sheriff's department". This is common with all parks, the internal phone system won't go off property. They payphone was right there, if they were unhappy, the pay phone is available. This is true of most parks I have seen, but not all.
Her complaint that they took their time coming is also a stretch as the property is huge and travel time MUST be accounted for.
The reviewer also stated"I sat outside the comfort station naked, in only a towel, with two women who happened to be walking by and were kind enough to sit with me". This is a case of taking your life into your own hands if all this was true, the proper thing to do was to get the heck out of Dodge and go to the safety of their camper. What was she thinking? Saying they saw the man, meant they were a "witness" which means other means would have been persued.

This person stated that the "SECURITY IS A BIG FAT JOKE" when it has been proven time after time that the security is tough at this particular park, compared to other campgrounds that dont have ANY security.

You have allowed this inflated review onto a site that has nothing but great and fabulous reviews and this one is DAMNING for all the wrong reasons, which I feel the reviewer has allowed temperment to push reality out of the picture.

Compared to all the other parks out there, this park has on site security and is on-line 24/7, compared to other parks where you are lucky if the owners are on site at night.

RVing is a "sport" that many of us enjoy and this world we live in is not perfect, there are people that are sick and do bad things. This person has appearantly just had her first experience with a bad person, luckily it wasn't worse than it was-it could have been much worse, especially when she waited outside, naked in a towel, for him to come out. But it is part of the world today and if she were at a ma/pa park, she would not have had a better response.

If this park has a condemning review, then you should place the same condemnation on all of the parks in your reviews as it can, and probably has, happened at the other parks too.

There is risk in travel and perhaps she needs to carry protection of some sort, not a bad idea. This "peeping Tom" is not unique to anyone park and even having security on site is much more than most other parks even offer.

As this review was about something that occurred in 2002, a long time ago, I ask that you remove the review from the Buena Vista Park review, or at least "soften" it to a one show fits all as this is definately pointing the finger in the wrong direction.

It took the campground security over an hour to respond to my call while I sat outside the comfort station naked, in only a towel, with two women who happened to be walking by and were kind enough to sit with me. These two women saw the man leaving the bathhouse.

I want to know why she didn't get dressed while waiting for security? She says they saw the man leave.
I, of course, have no way of knowing or not knowing the truth of the woman's statement about the peeping tom. I see no reason why she would lie. At the same time, I do know that Disney is absolutely paranoid about their reputation and many, many problems and illegal acts are handled by security and never reported to the local police. If you could read the charter granted to Disney by the state and county, you would be amazed at how much power Disney has. They are, in effect, a state within a state. One of the main purposes of this site is to alert others to problems or potential problems at a site. To this end, the lady who made the comment about the pervert watching her has done us a service and, even though she may have acted irrationally in sitting outside in a towel, none of us know what we would have done under similar circumstances and should not question her motives.
I want to thank Tsonomi for highlighting the negative comments by a reviewer at the park in Lake Buena Vista. Without her post, probably 99% of the visitors to this site would not have read this specific post, and would have never known about this situation. But we do now. It's like when a newspaper publishes a retraction of a incorrect allegation: All those who didn't see the
original error will certainly see the "correction." Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
This is insane and the mentality that is being given here is off scale.

The review could be of ANY park, this is not a general warning for one, it is WELL KNOWN "BEWARE IF YOU TRAVEL" information that is pertinent to ANY PARK or even to YOUR HOME.

This review has no place here
If reworded, and I mean SOFTENED, it could remain IF the fact considered is that this is a MAJOR ATTRACTION for vacationers and a people come in great numbers. Security at this park is known for the surveilance of trouble and has been quite successful at rebuking them.

A problem of anykind is a fact of life ANYWHERE, and obviously this person is Pissed after mulling it over since 2002.

And by her own admittance of sitting outside the shower, naked in a towel, not using the payphone she was sitting next to, waiting for the "Pervert" to come out is crazy. Imagine what could have happened to them! You think strange people are'nt at other parks or malls or even kiddie parks? WAKE UP!

They said they gave it to the local authorities, and they said they saw his face, so why did'nt they persue it? THEY WERE WITNESSES!!! Instead, they got no where with it and turned against the PARK SECURITY instead. It was a local matter and not to be missrepresented as a park review.

From all that she wrote, exempting what seem to be exagerations, everything was done that could be to assist her/them. Perhaps a can of Pepper Spray would have been invaluable for her.

She intended to give this location a black eye, and has, appearently done so.

This review is inappropriate for content under her own admission and gullibility. She isn't prepared for the REAL WORLD and is taking it out on the first thing that can be written about.

The entire piece is slanderous and appears to be whipped up in their mind, over looking the fact of "real time" possibilities and allowing their tempers to write the message.

If you are gonna travel, you are in the Real World and have to be careful because Bad Things are in the News all the time. Companies as large as this can only do so much, compared to the places that don't offer any protection, yet we still go there tooo.

C'mon, wake up, this review is inappropriate and should be removed.

So, yes her response to the peeping tom may have been irrational, but that was her experience. The point is everyone should have the freedom to post their experiences and views on a park as they see it. She didn't feel her security was properly handled but people have the freedom to react to it, and make their own decisions. I personally doubt that Disney is going to get a flood cancellations now that people read that post.

My brother and his family also went to Fort Wilderness, they were amongst many rowdy, drunken, destructive campers. Security came to tell them to smarten up, but did they? No way. Night after night it continued. Don't rave about the security. These people should have been thrown out on their ears. Does that make Fort Wilderness a lousy campground? No of couse not. We've been there three times and had great experiences.

Second we were once in another campground with 0 security. We had a rotten time because of it. All kinds of scum came in one after the other. We were mocked by management and nothing was done. Yes, I did write a scathing review on that campground, and have all the right to do so as long as it was true and valid. I also seem to be the only one who feels that way about the place on forums (not when I was there). That however isn't my fault.

It's called freedom of speech and expression.
The point is everyone should have the freedom to post their experiences and views on a park as they see it.

I wasn't questioning her rights to her opinions. I just don't get why she would sit around naked with only a towel. It seems like a very irrational thing to do and makes me question the whole review. And before anyone says you don't know how you will react until it happens to you, I had a very scary experience myself and reacted by getting myself "home".
I'm really tired of people like Tsonomi playing God and trying to dictate what the rest of us can read or not. We are perfectly capable of evaluating reviews and have no need for someone to censor the entries. Recently the Disney amusement park character "Tigger" was charged with groping women. It just goes to show that Disney is no different than any where else.

Whether the incident in questioned ever happened or not would have zero influence on where I chose to camp.
bald guy
Perhaps Tsonami should be renamed Tsunami (tidal wave) because she is making a huge noise about somebody's opinion which is, after all, what this site is about. I also find it interesting that her position is to attack the messenger instead of being concerned what several people have identified as serious security problems at the Disney resort. Certainly, I, along with others, would take all comments into consideration before making reservations at this resort.
...I cannot refrain in thinking that Tsonomi had a specific interest in criticizing the original complainant, I am not going to evaluate the validity of the facts since I wasn't there, however, it appears that Tsonomi wasn't there too, therefore, he/she should not be in a position to judge the authenticity of the case.
The second issue that I cannot agree with is the reproach to the moderator for not stopping the article..., well, the moderator may edit the script for grammatical errors and to filter a possible offending language in the test, but in my opinion, he/she should not be allowed to alter the meaning of the report.
Wether the original statement was honest or malicious, it should only be the responsibility of the resort's staff or by the people that was there during the happening to (openly)challenge the allegations and not a third party that was not even present when the matter did occur. wink.gif
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