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Hi, I was wondering how many of you look at the site maps that RV Parks hand out to "new" check-ins? What do you think of them? Do you ever use the advertisers in the books you get? Do you collect them? Just wonderin' huh.gif

This is sort of an odd query. My very first thought about your post was that you have a financial interest in the C/G flyer business. If that is the case, then it might not be an appropriate query to post on this website. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, Id respectfully like to ask ..why is it that you ask the question??
Hi Megan,

I do look at the "offers" and sometimes take advantage of them.
Ok I'll answer. Can't see that it will hurt anything. Yes, we look at the maps. and read the info. Most are good; some are better than others. Yes, we have used the advertisers, but not very frequently. Yes, we collect them, but we keep lots of brochures and other info from our trips. Hope that gives you what you need and helps with whatever you need it for.
Hello Megan...and welcome aboard. wink.gif
Yes, I use the site maps.
Yes, I peruse who has sold ad space: gives a sneak peak of the community/RV park dynamics. Generally do our own reconnaissance via car or computer. laugh.gif
And yes, (sigh) I see the small print asking if anyone out there wants this exciting life of selling ads.
Ah...I've been known to tear them apart to document best site #'s for future reference. Not much of a packrat. Cheers! cool.gif

We also use the maps and handouts given out at campgrounds to visit some of those businesses/attractions listed. Some are of interest, but some are not. We pick and choose the points of interest we want to visit before we arrive. The GPS is great to inform one of the attractions within the area of your visit, combined with internet website locations. We do not keep the material for any great period of time as it seems to multiply.
Hello everyone,

Thank you. I had completely forgotten about this post!
So to answer RLM, I asked because I collect and use mine. I just wanted to see if I was the only one. You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat! tongue.gif

Thanx for the reply's!!

I save them only because I write out my impressions of the CG, and the best sites to book in the future.

I peruse the ads, and sometimes will make use of one.

Florida Native
We normally just glance at them on how to get to our site. We usually try to rely on conversations on the ranger on places to see, eat, ETC. I think this personal knowledge is better than the paid ads.
I always read them, and use the ads if I can. I have gotten some great things from them.
Lee and Fran
I usually will use it while at the site and it goes in the garbage after that.
John S.
If I know I will be back I will save one of them so I can ask for a certain site. If I will not be back that way for a long time in the trash it goes with the last bag prior to leaving the campground.
If it's a campground I haven't stayed at before, yes, I will keep it, mainly because I'll use it in the scrapbook/photo album I make of my stays at different places. But, if it's a campground I frequently go to, no, I usually just throw it in the fire.

And, I have on occasion used several of the places who advertised, especially in areas I'm not familiar with, it's nice to know where some gas stations and stores and restaurants, etc., are at.
We do look over the information the campground hands out (it is always fun to compare the lists of rules from campground to camground, lol). Occasionally we have found the advertisements to be helpful, and have gone to / used the businesses. Sometimes we will keep the campground map if we think we will return, but nowadays we use the internet sooo much we have found no "need" to keep the maps.

RV Camper
We do use the maps when in an area that we are not familiar with. We frequently use one or perhaps two of the advertisers, again when in areas we are unfamiliar with. As fulltimers we do not save them as we have far too much to carry and the file would quickly become so large as to be unmanageable.
QUOTE(Lee and Fran @ Oct 1 2008, 06:32 PM) *

I usually will use it while at the site and it goes in the garbage after that.

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