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Full Version: What About A Green Rv? Solar,hybrid,recycled Materials,all Electric,et
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biggrin.gif I would love to see one of the major manufactures make a green RV!!! They make green houses! Hybrid cars.........
Would be really cool if it could run off the gray and black tanks biggrin.gif
Ask, and ye shall receive...

They're coming. LA and I would guess most other big cities have "alternate fuel" busses.

Not hard to imagine a Bio-diesel, or gas-hybrid engine with a LPG generator and a roof full of solar panels.

Heck, if Doc Brown can make a time machine out of a Delorean and get it to run on garbage...
Cool links Gwbischoff.
DH is laughing at your Doc Brown/Delorean comment...only he wants to go one step further and burn chicken s*#t. laugh.gif
I would buy a Hydrogen powered one! Don't know if "hybrid" RV is feasible, I drive a hybrid car. I love the car, but doubt it's fully feasible at the RV level.

Hi JJ,

There are already hybrid buses--so a hybrid RV is just a hop, skip and jump away. If we as consumers demand it--it will *be*.

I don't believe Hydrogen will be very useful. Current pipelines can't deal with it--and cost of one that can is around $3,000,000.00 per mile.

QUOTE(DXSMac @ Mar 4 2008, 08:45 PM) *

I would buy a Hydrogen powered one! Don't know if "hybrid" RV is feasible, I drive a hybrid car. I love the car, but doubt it's fully feasible at the RV level.


QUOTE(pianotuna @ Mar 4 2008, 07:30 PM) *

... cost of one that can is around $3,000,000.00 per mile.

Good grief !!! ohmy.gif
Based on what we pay to fill the 'ole propane tank (RV / or the mega tank we had in outback southern california)...I'm thinking its not a cost effective alternative either. Am I missing something?
blink.gif I guess then we have to ask ourself's is the price difference going to be woth it,becouse you know they are going to charge quite a bit more for hybrid rv than they would a regular gas or diesel.Then how long would it take to make up the difference. I was at a toyota dealership the other day getting my service done on my truck and was talking to one of the salesman there and he told me it takes about 12 years if you were to buy a hybrid car rather than the same car in regular gas to make up the difference. Plus if they started making hybrids how difficult would it be for us to get rid of our rv's. Maybe a tax break? Maybe some kind of insentive? biggrin.gif

The immediate area has engineering colleges, Union & RPI that are building and testing hydrogen powered vehicles. Ford motor company also has a small number of hydrogen powered vehicles on loan within the state of, I believe California. We also have a company named "Plug Power" that builds hydrogen generators that produce fuel, hydrogen, to be used in various applications. They have sold and installed the generators so it is not just experimental but a reality. But must admit their sales are not breaking any sales records. As with anything new, it's cost could be on the high side as it relates to the everyday consumer.
How much hydrogen would you need?!?! unsure.gif

If I got one, I might be inclined to paint it grey and print "Hindenburg" on the side.

And running off of the Black tanks? blink.gif Knowing my family we might be able to make it to Saturn and back. Or maybe even _____________ (insert punchline here). laugh.gif
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