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Full Version: Washer/dryer Units - Are You Happy With Yours, What Type To Get
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We're looking to buy a new or used Class A RV soon, and decided to get a washer/dryer unit in it.
We do alot of laundry, as my guy works construction and we have to wash his denim shirts and pants every day. Since I'm home most of the day, doing laundry in our home would be much easier than lugging three heavy bags of laundry to a mat, and sit around waiting in oftentimes shabby places.
I hear the Splendides have a small capacity, and take forever to dry.
I haven't seen many units with a stacked w/d, which take up more space, but probably work better.
What is your experience, and what do you recommend? Thanks!
John Blue

We have the Splendide from Italy and it works great. This unit takes up less space that the stacked units. Like everything in motorhome it works off 120 volts and the drying time is a little slower than 240 volt units. Wife found that if you wash everything first and then dry everything this will speed up drying time. Unit uses very little water and yes tub size is small but so is our rolling house. We enjoy this machine and had no problems over the past 12 years. Couple times we had it running as we travel down the road. One more item is little to no noise from unit.
We, too, have the Splendide combination washer dryer unit and, while the loads are smaller than a regular washer and dryer, and it takes more time, it is not a problem. We just have more frequent loads and, when you're living in the motorhome, where else are you going to go? You can leave it on when you leave the motorhome for a while. It has been very dependable for the past five years and we've had no problems whatsoever.
Travelin Rose

I have the two piece Kenmore washer and dryer. They are six years old and the washer is a top load. The tub is as large as a lot of the washers at the laundromats. I'm not sure if the top load is still available. I have several friends that have Whirlpool front load washers and they like them better than the top load. They spin the clothes drier and so it doesn't take as long in the dryer. If I ever have to replace mine, that is what I will get.

The dryer also works very well. It doesn't dry quite as fast as a 240 volt one would, but I am very satisfied with it.

Two pieces do take up more space, but I can get laundry done faster. While the first load is drying, a second load can be washing.

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