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Full Version: Ripped Awning Repair Tape
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We're newbies to RVing, and it will be our future being full-timers,
due to remodeling a new restaurant around the country every month.
We sure appreciate our awning, as it makes it seem like another living area,
and I like to hang "decor" lights off it (some call them small Christmas tree lights).
However, after a windy day last week, our awning ripped about 3 feet near the top.
A new awning is so expensive, and then add the labor.
We are looking for a new Mobile Palace these days,
so we really don't want to put more money into MPI.
Has anyone used the repair tape to fix it?
After the repair is done, would those awning tighteners help for anything?
Thanks for your words of wisdom!
Words of wiz-dumb can be interesting, too!
I can't speak for the tape. I do use the awning deflappers (4 of them - Awning Deflappers and Awning Tie Downs . I had one bad experience early on before I got these. Was at a beach park with no trees around, and a nasty storm came up (paper said winds were above 60 MPH). Our camper was rocking back and forth, then my wife looked out the window and said everyone else had their awning put away. Ran outside and my neighbor tried to help me roll up the awning, when a big gust ripped the poles out of the bottom of the camper. Got the awning put away for the rest of the trip, and fixing the bottom anchors was pretty simple. I've been through another similar storm since then, but had the above products on, and everything was fine. I don't worry about the wind anymore.
The question of the tape repairing a ripped awning, a three feet long rip, is a stretch on the capabilities of the tape and do think its' a waste of time and money trying. The tape is not meant to repair this type of failure. Would believe that the awning material is rotted due to age and exposure to the sun over the years of use and replacement is the only answer for a good outcome for future use of the appliance, ....the awning.
Although just my opinion...
Hi zingy,

If you plan on selling your unit you might be better off to replace the fabric of your awning. Potential buyers would certainly think a 3 foot rip repaired with tape indicates a less than perfect upkeep in other areas as well and your chances of selling at a good price would be slim.
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