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Motorhome Madness
I've had a ton of emails requesting that we add support for Mexico to the website. We added partial support this weekend, and you can now post reviews of the parks you have visited in Mexico. ( The Mexican states are listed after the Canadian provinces in the Regions list during the review process. )

The state pages for Mexico don't look very good without any data, so I'll wait until later in the week to make them fully active, but you will see reviews for campgrounds in Mexico showing up in the recent reviews beginning today, and can view them from there for now.

Stay tuned, much, much more coming soon....

Que bueno!
Motorhome Madness

Mexico is live, the map is not as nice as I would like, but it will suffice for now. Look for us on the road, time to take the kids on a spring break trip!


Webmaster...MOST EXCELLENT!!!
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I'll promptly go over to iRV2 and request my "Rocky Point" debating buddies to come over and post their reviews.
Thank you !!!
Motorhome Madness

Just to clear up any confusion, I decided to make the state names for Mexico that don't have any parks reviewed yet not show up on the list to the left of the map. I spent allot of time clicking around on states with no parks reviewed, and it wasn't much fun.

As reviews come in for other states, they will appear in the list as well. All the states ARE available to post reviews.

If anyone has any trouble with the new addition, please let me know.
Muchisimas gracias from all of us gringos in Alta California!

Nicely done.
Magic Carpet Pilot
The addition of Mexico to this forum is a very good thing as there is precious little info available to RV'ers travelling in Mexico and there are a lot of us down here.

Suggest that when writing a review on a Mexican RV park contributors should include park CONTACT INFO if they have it as most of these parks don't have a web site.
Last I knew, if you drove your car/RV into Mexico, your US insurance is NO GOOD! Is this still the case? What should people do when driving their RV into Mexico?

Still the case. No problem to purchase Mexican insurance at the border. The little kiosks are everywhere. Inexpensive and although not manditory (yet)...I recommend it for good will purposes. ph34r.gif
If you are serious about going into Mexico with your RV, do some research on where you are heading. Don't recommend wandering aimlessly.
Otherwise...get yourself a nice RV spot at Chula Vista RV /Marina and do a day trips with rental car to the border and walk across. Enjoy Tijuana walking in broad daylight, (you'll be joined by tons of other folks doing the same thing) and then walk back through the pedistrian gates when you're ready to call it a day. You'll watch the folks qued up at the auto entrance wait for HOURS to get back into the US.
Just my two-cents worth...and NOT meant to step on any toes. ohmy.gif
The folks in Mexico are sweet, hardworking and need our tourist dollars. It's the border angst that can scare the tacos out of you right now. Sorry...not my best marketing skills here. wink.gif
Foster, that's what I thought, just wanted to make sure. Only time I have been to Mexico is on a cruise ship. It was ten years ago, I had to chaperone two high school girls whose parents gave them the trip as a graduation present. smile.gif Apparently it was also legal for the two girls to drink, ohmy.gif so I had to chaperone the bar trips, too! The parents said it was ok for them to go in a bar, as long as I was accompanying them. LORDY! ohmy.gif

It is true that you need to buy Mexican liability insurance when driving in Mexico, but your US insurance may cover you for collision and comprehensive.

We switched insurers a few years ago for just that reason. State Farm did not cover us in Mexico. We switched to an RV-specialty insurer that includes Mexico coverage for a whopping $5/year.

We buy annual Mexican liability policies for $80/year for each vehicle.

Actually, Mex insurance is mandatory. The Mexico riders on your US insurance are also not in force unless you have Mex insurance. If you are involved in a collision in Mexico, you MAY go to jail if you don't have insurance. Best rates are with Mexico Bob, Xavier Insurance, Nogales.
QUOTE(Markfoto @ Mar 26 2008, 04:16 PM) *

Actually, Mex insurance is mandatory. The Mexico riders on your US insurance are also not in force unless you have Mex insurance. If you are involved in a collision in Mexico, you MAY go to jail if you don't have insurance. Best rates are with Mexico Bob, Xavier Insurance, Nogales.

US Automobile coverage will usually cover comp and collision for a few miles across the border. You must buy Mexican liability. If going further, you must buy both--the cost is based on the value of the vehicle. Until last month, I had a home in Mexico. I would buy an annual policy. If you are going down for more than a few days, check the annual rate. Another way to save money if you are taking a motorhome. Get full coverage on the tow car, then a drivers licence policy that will give you liability coverage on any vehicle that you drive, including the motor home. You must have comp and collision on the motor home through your regular RV insurance. Also, be sure to get a legal assistance policy---that will provide you an English speaking attorney if you need one. It is cheap---$48/year last time I bought Mexican Insurance. Remember, in Mexico an accident is a criminal offence---without the attorney and insurance, you go to jail---You DON'T want to go to jail in Mexico!!!

Something else to think about. At the border you might be asked for proof that if the vehicle is financed, the you have permission of the lein holder to take the car across the border. Just contact the lein holder and ask for a letter with the dates you will enter and exit. I was asked for it once in the several years I was going down. But, I did not have to show it--it was in the back of the coach and I convinced them that it would be a lot of trouble to put the slide out to get it. You may also be asked for proof of ownership. It is easier to have the information available and not be asked for it, than to be asked and not have it.

Wow...thanks Markfoto and Jurhee for this information!
I guess it HAS been a while since we've crossed into Mexico. ph34r.gif

...that settles it. Texas is as far south as we're going! wink.gif

Don't let the information scare you off. It is a great place to visit. I loved living there--in San Felipe--Just have to abide by the rules and all is fine.

We will be going to Puerto Penasco in February with an RV group.

Of course, too bad the people coming from down there don't have to abide by our rules!! Whole different topic!

Ditto, don't let this info scare you. Its really easy to get the insurance you need. We called in our information, and picked up the policy on the way to the border. Could not have been more pleasant, unless it was free. Mexico is great for Rvers, don't pass it up; just don't hang in the border towns.
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