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Full Version: Blythe Island Regional Park Campground
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d. orrell
Hi. We're fairly new to rving, but love it! Curious though. We made reservations with Blythe Island Regional park in Georgia for 15 days in October this year. The woman in the office didn't want a 1st nite deposit, didn't have a confirmation # for us and we aren't getting anything
to verify our dates in the mail. She said as long as we're in the computer it's OK. Is that normal? It's the only time no $$ was required as a deposit. Should we be worried about actually having a site in October. Appreciate anyone's opinion. Thanks. DO
John Blue
No, you will find everyplace has some odd way to run the books. We were told one time down in LA she would write us down in her book. Thinking this was a little odd in days of PC's, no way. At check in she went over and picked up her book with no money down on our part. Other places ask for your life history, plus CC and them have no place for you at check in.

Best part is the Flying-J is two miles south and you can check in anytime you like for free.
I agree with John. Once in a while you will run into a place that doesn't require the usual deposit or information, and all their records are kept by hand. (That's probably better than the computer anyway.) However, if I were you I would call about 2 months before the arrival date and then again about 3-4 days before just to confirm. It lets them know you're still coming, and it might avoid some trouble just in case the reservation got lost.

Travel safe and have fun.
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