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Les Hubble
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Hi, I've been trying to contact the manager at High Country RV Park. I've left telephone messages but get no response. I would like to make a reservation. Is there another way to contact this person?

The Park is located in Nephi, UT; the park manager contacted me a little over a month ago, so I know he is a "rounder". Thanks to those who replied; I wish the park and/or the organization had an email address.
Have you tried e-mailing?
It was also help if you told us the city and state.
This site has one listing for High Country RV Camp (not RV Park) in Nephi, UT. The website listed is for the Camp America listing, and it does not show an email or URL address, but the phone is 435.623.2624 (in case you have a different one).

I also "googled" the park name and found two listings. One is in South Fork, CO. It just had a Citysearch listing with no website or email listed. The phone is 719.873.5863.

The second listing was in Naturita, CO. It does have a website ( which has a link to their email ( Phone is 970.865.1201.

Maybe the reason no one is answering right now is because the park has not yet opened for the season. Maybe the owners are still in Florida. smile.gif Just a guess.

Hope this helps. You may have to resort to snail mail.
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