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Full Version: This Is A First
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We just had an experience that was a first (and last, I hope) for us. We were driving eastbound, and the wind was blowing very hard out of the southeast which meant it was hitting us head on and a little crossways. Suddenly there was a big whoosh followed by a lot of wind noise and whistling. We knew this wasn't normal but could not see anything wrong at the time. We drove another 200 miles before stopping for the night. Two days later when we got ready to leave it had been raining so we turned on the windshield wipers. When they made their first swipe we noticed they were not taking off the rain drops. Further investigation showed that the windshield of our motor home had popped out all along the driver's side from the dash all the way up the side and then over across the top for about 2 feet. The rain drops were actually on the inside of the glass.

We were in a very small town, but there was a glass/windshield repair company. To make the rest of the story short they were able to take out the windshield and re-set it. The repair man also pointed out that the passenger side had come loose too. He was amazed we had driven 200 mi with it like that and said we were very lucky the windshield had not fallen out.

We have now driven back home with no problems.

Just wanted to share. Thanks for reading.
You guys are very lucky!!! Im so glad that the windshield did not fall inword. Ive heard of issue's before of Damon RV's windows popping out from road vibration.Actually an owner of one had told me this at an RV park. I would call Damon corp and find out if there are issue's with windows/windshields. Everyone be safe out there.

Thanks for sharing what you have heard about Damons. I had planned to call them anyway because we have actually had some problems with seals on 2 other windows and the skylight. But they weren't as bad as the windshield. The repairman said the windshield looked like it had not been put in correctly in the first place so I plan to talk to Damon about that. However, I don't want to run down the company too much because this is the second Damon we've owned and aside from the usual RV stuff that can go wrong both coaches have been very good for us. Maybe when our unit was made the window sealer was having a bad day. Who knows?!
All I can say is.....HOLY COW!!!!!! WOW! You were lucky!

We picked up our first class A ( hurricane ) and took off from Okla to CA when we were about 100 miles east of albuquerque the DW had been complaining the whole way about how noisy it was not knowing any different we just thought it was the way of motorhomes. She finally started crawling around the dash and hollered that the windshield was coming out yep a gap about 2 inchs was open on my side we immediatly called the dealer and four winds sent us to a glass repair shop in the big city, talking to the owner he said this was commond in a lot of MH because they don't use enough glue on the winds and he had seen them even on million dollar coaches
P G Winkel
Wow, you were lucky! Glad all worked out for you so well. Great that you were able to get it fixed in a small town, the angels were riding with you that day for sure.
Safe travels!
Thanks Chuckl for telling me what your glass repair shop owner said. It makes me feel better about my "way less than a million dollars" coach.
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