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Full Version: Son Heading To Colorado In Motor Home....reassure Me!
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Hi There,

Well, I'm the mom of a 23 year old son who is heading to South Fork, Co with his girlfriend to work at a resort for the summer. It is about an 8 hour drive and they are taking our 1986 Tioga Motor home. Am I worried about the motor home? No...I'm worried about my grown son driving it up there, pulling his S10 pickup behind it with a uhaul trailer!

I know you all have experience in this area, and if any of you have any tips that I can pass on to him, please let me know. On the other hand...if I need to just calm down and have nothing to worry can tell me that as well!

Thanks so much!

Levelland, Texas ohmy.gif

Hello Lady31362 and welcome aboard!
I'm just reading your post...couple days after all #^** broke loose weather-wise north of Denver. So what route will your son take from Texas to South Fork? rolleyes.gif
Has he driven the Tioga much? It's just a BIG pickup...with a tad more wind vulnerability. Have him take it out and about on his own before they leave. Get gas, pick-up groceries, back it up, park it, pull thru gates, etc. Get the feel of driving it.

I had to get used to meeting oncoming trucks and anticipate folks in cars who thought I could stop on a dime. He'll never cut in front of an RV again...after he's driven one.

With an RV, you have carte blanche to SLOW DOWN. Only semi's can trump an RV on the road. Other drivers expect it and the RV performs better.

Towing adds another wrinkle. Has he towed stuff with his pickup before? He'll start eyeing gas stations for maneuverability rather than price...

Has his girlfriend ever driven an RV? Even if she's not comfortable taking the wheel to give him a driving break, a good co-pilot is worth their weight in gold.

Bottom line: practice a bit before the trip and take things slow. Leave a day or two early to enjoy the journey! And keep the cel phone charged to call Mom so she won't worry so much!

Lee and Fran
I would say he will do just fine and not to worry. Unless you think he is the worlds worse driver than I ask why lend him the motor home?
So, Texas Lady: still there?
How was son #1's trip to South Fork, Colorado?
Bud in Florida
Should be there by now and I am sure everything went fine!
"No...I'm worried about my grown son driving it up there, pulling his S10 pickup behind it with a uhaul trailer!"

I'm even worried with this statement. ohmy.gif To me it reads he has the pickup truck hooked up behind the RV and then the U-haul trailer is hooked up to the pickup truck? unsure.gif
Good grief...that WOULD be a sight! ph34r.gif
Sure hope he loaded the S10 pickup ONTO a trailer!
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