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Full Version: Campgrounds Near Camp Ripley Mn?
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I'm looking for a camground within 10-15 miles from Camp Ripley MN (MN Nat'l Guard Training facility)

We're going up to visit my son during Family weekend and will need a place to stay. It's a little too far to drive home to SE Minnesota.

The closest I've found is Charles Lindbergh State Park, but thats about 30 miles away. I would love to find something a bit closer. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any municipal campgrounds that are closer to the camp?


You might check the Brainerd Area. Not sure how far that is from Camp Ripley. At one time Little Falls had a county or city park for camping, right along a river. I would contact the C of C for both places, I am sure they would be very happy to give information on RV parks within your mileage limits. Best of luck!
Thank you Stoney, we'll check it out. We are heading up tomorrow and we're just going to "wing it" and see what we can find near Camp Ripley.

My son says he's been having a miserable week, "camping" in the rain during their FTX. Hopefully it'll dry up for them for next week.
There's a military famcamp on Camp Ripley if you can get your son to sponsor you getting on base. Last time I was there it was primitive, no hookups but it was free.
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