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Hi Everyone,
Is there a website for a forum on general RV info? I love this site about the campgrounds. But I would like to be able to ask other info about RV's, upkeep, etc.
We have always had tents or pop-ups, and now have a TT. There is a lot more upkeep than we have been used to. I have lots of questions smile.gif

I don't think there is, but if you post your questions here, you should get answers.

Wow, looks like I was wrong. Glad to see there are sites to help you.
We recently upgraded from a pop-up to a travel trailer also. I love the site I have learned a great deal and enjoy the forum.
I like and .
almost 80
There is a very good forum site at:
This site covers all types of RVs - plus equipment, troubleshooting etc.
Try it, you'll find it very informative.
Thanks for your help. I've tried all the sites you suggested. I think my favorite is

Pretty soon my "toolbar" is going to have all camping "sites" on it. LOL

Have a good day everyone!
Trailer Life has a pretty good forum board. Lots of general information. It also has a strong key word search. wink.gif
May I add and has a nice list of rv sites)
Add the Escapees forum to your list as well. Not as active as but access to more info from friendly fulltimers.
biggrin.gif May I suggest There is no interaction online, but you can solicit all the feedback you want to your personal e-mail address. Now I would suggest using an e-mail address set up especially for feedback, such as one with Yahoo, or Hotmail and not your regular e-mail address. I have not heard of any problems any one has had with this site. You will find tons of information on every aspect of RV's and the RV lifestyle, freely submitted by many serious and helpful RVers. They also have a wealth of technical information available to anyone, free.
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