Thanks in Advance for any information re this confusing topic.

I feel that as a fulltimer that a membership program might be a good idea for us, so I have began to research which one .... wow is that a task!

I have not been to any sales presentations as I am sure they would all be very convincing and I would rather buy a resale one and pocket the saving, however I am at a loss as to which one is the best for our needs.

We are a family with younger children, so we love parks with space, playgrounds, pools and areas for the children to ride there bikes - safely. (They are only little so we are always with them at all times).

We have a Passport America though we find some parks too rough (and short for our rig).
We have been told that TT is a good option. Platinum gives us 21 days in with "flip flop" to the next park. However even on resale it is $4K plus $500 per year. Includes TT - NACO - LTR, and you pay $10+ for access to ELS. We want to go to Florida (Disney World for winter) and only 1 TT park close with a less than favorable report on this forum.

I have seen Coast 2 Coast for a few hundred using a Texas park as base with yearly for less than $100. Anyone compared these?

I was also send AOR and RPI though they seem to be 14 in and 7 out for $6-10 per night plus additional charges for children etc. (Yes even 2 year old in some cases).

I know there are others like Sunrise and KM and others so now I am so confused... We are likely to travel up and down the east and west coast over the next 5 years - like the snowbird weather.

Again - my thanks for any and all thoughts and experiences on these programs.