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Full Version: What Are Your Plans For The 4th Of July?
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Thanks for taking a moment to participate. cool.gif
Great Poll! I had plans to be gone, but had to defer them until my cat gets better. Took him to vet today, his "counts" are back to normal, but poor thing is still walking bow legged due to irritation. Vet said that would go on for another week. Vet said it was best I decided to stay home.

I'm still planning on my September trip to Pennsylvania, gas prices be damned!

Um, I had to answer the third question even though I'm not a park owner. The poll won't cast your vote unless you answer all the questions......

OOPS! I didn't see that "not a park owner" was one of the options. SIlly me for not reading all the way through. I marked "other."


QUOTE(FosterImposters @ Jun 30 2008, 12:25 PM) *

Thanks for taking a moment to participate. cool.gif

We will be traveling to Gettysburg, Pa as we are Civil War Reenactors, will be there Wed. thru Monday, hope the weather is good.
We left on Monday for Utah.
Arrived at Pony Express Park on Tuesday afternoon.
Going to touch base with family while here then head home.
Our motor home will be parked in Petersburg, VA and we're flying to Denver, CO for our son and DIL's wedding reception. They flew to Jamaica to get married last November, but had to wait til the summer for the party so all could get off of work. So not only are we paying for the time our motor home has to be in this park, but we had to pay for our hotel room and plane tickets because none of our airline points would work for our destinations. It'll be an expensive weekend! Argh... But at least we'll get to celebrate with our oldest son and DIL and get to see fireworks in downtown Denver. As Monty Python says, "Always look on the bright side of life..." rolleyes.gif
Volunteer host in the Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico. Stop by and say hi if you're out for the 4th.
We'll be at home, but that is not any different for us. We don't usually go anywhere for the 4th.
Celebrating 12 wonderful years with our son......he's such a lil firecraker....LOL

HAppy Birthday AMerica & To my wonderful son smile.gif
Lee and Fran
We are going to wander over to Seattle to see the DW sister and attend a bbq. But will not be changing the camping site. I get to spend tomorrow thru Monday working at North Cascade NP. Between the Visitor Center and leading hikes up the mountain it will be a good weekend.
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