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Full Version: States With Most Bad Campgrounds
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just wondering is there any state over the others that the camp grounds get generaly bad reviews
seems that Utah seems to get the poorest reviews and then who would get the best reviews
John Blue
I see some very poor reports from Northeast states and some parts of Canada. We need to remember they only have a very short time to make any money before cold weather sets in. May not wish to spend money to update a park and make it a great place. I see poor reviews from everyplace but Hawaii, but I also see a lot of good ones as well from all over.

Some parts of Utah are good and some parts are very poor. Great state to tour in and lots to see and do. You can drive for a 100 miles and not see a traffic light. One County has no traffic lights in hold County. I think it is a little like northwest TX. Weeds grow up in some Hwy's we have been on.
We don't have ANY RV reviews for Hawaii.... I'd be fairly surprised to see one. When I went to Life ON Wheels in 2007, there was ONE RV with Hawaii license plates. Everyone thought that was strange! Turns out the owners domicile was Hawaii, but the RV was stored in, oh, I think it was California. Must be nice.......

Now as to the OP's original question, I guess I don't pay attention to which state gets the worst reviews and which gets the best. I only read reviews for places I want to go.

QUOTE(Chuckl @ Jul 9 2008, 01:44 PM) *

...just wondering... seems that Utah seems to get the poorest reviews... wink.gif

cool.gif Hello Chuckl: Generally had good luck with Utah (and posted positive reviews). Zion area has numerous nice options as does Moab and Lake Powell for destination-type camping. Admit disappointment with a rather pricey Cedar City KOA, but like Beaver and Green River: those cities just offered easy overnighting when we needed to keep moving. (Up I-15 or out I-70).
Interesting perspective. Never thought about this as a 'state-wide' conundrum. rolleyes.gif
Lee and Fran
I have been all over the US and I have seen good and bad in every state I have been in. I dont know why anyone would single out Utah unless they had some bad feelings there. I have stayed at just about every park in Utah and like the rest of the US I have found both good and bad as well. I have found my worst parks near big cities and when I was a member of Passport America. I have found my best parks in little towns in the country.
I have found that many of the northern state campgrounds don't have water hook ups on every site. Maybe a freezing issue in winter. When visiting Michigan, I wasn't impressed with the state park system, but the other campgrounds were nice. Campground fees for northern states are higher, but they generally only get to do business for 6 months so need to charge more.
I don't believe any one state has a monopoly on bad rv parks. Some of my worst reviews that I submitted for this website were for California, but then again so were some of my best. As previously stated some of the colder states and Canada get lower ratings due to short season, but then again most of the rv parks I camped at in Mexico were no better or worse. That's why we have RV Park Reviews so we can find the best and bypass the worst.
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