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Just want to find out for my homework what is the average stay at an RV park or campground?? who could I qoute?? Helpless student..
John Blue
The average could run from 1 night to 3 months. Some RV people move each day and others will sit on a site for months. If fuel price are high we may sit more and travel less. We all have a travel plan.
If this is a school assignment and you want more feedback, try It is alot more active with talkative folks.
My average stay is two nights. Moving every day never gives you a chance to explore an area. This also cuts down the hassel of constant setting up and breaking down. You get a chance to relax.
The average stay in our park is 4 months. This can vary a small degree when outside factors come into play. Some of those factors are fuel prices, weather, continuing destinations and personal matters. Most Parks have a good core of repeat or seasonal customers. We also have several long term occupants.

Hope this helps....

Owner, Sea Bird RV Park
Our average stay in any park is two weeks....should we be in route to somplace we may stay overnight and move on but then we do not disconnect.
We use our Rv on weekends and summer vacations. Our weekend trips are 1-2 nights and when we are on vacation we try to find a good park in the general area we are visiting and stay 5-7 nights.

Texas Panhandle
We are full time Rvers and our stays are varied. Sometimes we stay a couple of days.. and sometimes depending on the park, the people, and the area we may stay longer, up to several months. The longest stay as of today that we've had in one place in the last 6 years is 4 months.
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