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Full Version: North Carolina "on Beach Camping"??
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Hi, I've heard from a few people about campgrounds in NC where you can camp (RV) right on the beach, I've looked all around and can only find campgrounds near the beach, which would be ok, but I was just wondering if anyone knew of any places in North Carolina where you can actually camp on the beach near the water? Any info would really be appreciated. Thanks,

Florida Native
I did not actually stay at th Nation Park, but drove by it and talked to another guy on thre ferry about it. It is right on the beach. It has limited services, but is beautiful. We ended up staying at a KOA on Hatteras, but it was not on the beach. They are many places to get onto the beach via car or bike. Good Luck
A camp ground at Emerald Isle, North Carolina called the Holiday Travel park is not right on the beach but very close! You just walk over the dunes and you are on the beach. It's a great place!
John Blue
Go to NC them Waves. Two campgrounds in listing. Look on map and you will see Hwy 12 is a long sand bar and Waves sets on it. I was in town years ago and all you see is water on each side of road. Travel south and you have Cape Hatteras but I not not think you will have RV hookup's. Link below on Hatteras.

I remember other very good campgrounds on water are close by but I can no remember town it was under. Check this web site for all towns on coast line and you will find it.
Here's the scoop on the Outer Banks/Hatteras area:

There are three major campgrounds in Waves: Camp Hatteras, KOA, and Ocean Waves. Camp Hatteras has sites on both the sound side and the ocean side, while KOA and Ocean Waves are on the ocean side only.

However, all ocean-side campsites in all these campgrounds are separated from the beach by some dunes. At Camp Hatteras, there are sites on the sound side that are on the water, but there's a retaining wall type thing so you're not right ON the beach but only a few feet as the crow flies.

In Frisco (south of Waves), there's Frisco Woods on the sound side, and it has sites right on the water. Some of them have the retaining wall thing, and some of them are more or less on the same level as the water (which can be problematic). The ones on the water level look like they're suitable mainly for tents, or maybe popups or small rigs.

The National Park Service campground in Frisco is on the ocean side, but again, the sites are separated from the beach by dunes. That campground has no services (not even a dump station, I think).

There's another NPS campground right by there called Cape Point, but it was still closed when we were there so I didn't get to check it out.

I used Google Earth to scout the area and it worked quite well. You can see actual campsites quite easily.

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