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Full Version: Countryside RV Park, Saucier, Ms.
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This is a clean park, but no trees for shade. The owner is a 'Hitler' type, and will tell you, quickly, that it is HIS place, and he will run it the way he wants to.
If you have RV's with slides, he does not allow your slide to overhang the space by even a half inch. I watched him make someone re-park their RV 4 times, and then did it himself, because their slide was hanging over the grass about an inch!
The pool is only open between 9am & 5:30 pm. Bankers hours.
The owner is an obnoxious know-it-all, and talks to one camper, about another camper, that he doesn't like.
This park does have clean laundry & shower facilities.
It does not have a store, as advertised in it's website.
It has a fishing pond, but no one has ever caught anything in it.
This is NOT a friendly atmosphere, and IS NOT indicative of 'Southern Hospitality."
We planned to stay here indefinitely, however, we are moving to another park, this weekend, because of the owner.

My suggestion??? Look for another park!
Be sure to post this review if you have not already.
I don't know how to post it. Can you help me?
Go back to home page and scroll down. Good Luck! I can't post since they made changes. This was a good site until someone had to mess it up, but I guess that is what they wanted....for us not to be able to post reviews. I had one to post, but unable to get to the right page.
Motorhome Madness
We have sent you an email asking what exactly the problem is you are having, and no response yet. The site seems to be working fine for many people. Let us know what happens and maybe we can help you figure it out. dry.gif

PS - JoyceC was able to post her review ok
I still can't get into the posting a review. I also received your email, and I did reply to it. I still love this site. And I still think making people register to post is a good idea. I think people just have to be patient until all the kinks are worked out. wacko.gif
Hi, it's me again. I tried registering with a different email address - the one our IP gave us - it worked. Previously I had been using my hotmail account, since that is what I use for everything - it wouldn't work. I'm trusting you not to give out my email address. I don't want a lot of spam on that email to bog down my computer. Thanks. unsure.gif

UPDATE ON OUR DEPARTURE: I had a final encounter with the owner of this park, on Saturday morning, as we were ready to pull out. It was too horrible to describe. Let me just say this.....I had the right to have him arrested for assault, but chose to just leave the park and get an awful experience behind me.

Once again, my suggestion? Stay FAR away from this rv park!!
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