I tried to send this message once before and it didn't post. So here goes again. We are fairly new to camping, just started a year ago. We are a young family with two kids and we home school. We started traveling to show our kids in real life what we were teaching them in Geography etc.. So I haven't dealt with a lot of campgrounds yet, but feel like I was mistreated by a campground in Colorado with very poor customer service. Alpen Rose campground in Durango. We had made reservations a few months ago for a "premium" spot in August. We paid extra for it and were promised that we would not get bumped or moved to another spot. The employee gave me our site number and charged my cc for the deposit for this "premium" spot. She said she was making a note in her computer not to move us. (I had been told by someone that this campground moves people around as they get more reservations) The premium spots are in the shade with a lot of trees but they only have 5 of them. All of the others are in an open meadow in full sun. So I knew to specifically ask these questions and felt good about it when she told me they had a place to mark it in the computer that said "do not move."
When I was on the phone with them yesterday, they had bumped us to a regular site in the open meadow despite the promise I was given. They denied ever having the conversation with me. I explained that I had the site number and the charge on my credit card. The employee admitted that she did charge the cc for the premium deposit and that the site number was a premium spot, but then denied ever giving it to me. She was very rude and was raising her voice at me. So I hung up the phone and talked to my husband and waited another day to call back and speak to the manager to get a refund. I couldn't believe how rude he was. He had already heard the story from his employee and would not let me tell him my problem. He yelled at me and told me that he didn't believe me. I asked for a refund and he said they would be charging me a $10 cancellation fee. I told him that they screwed up not me and he said "no we didn't, you did and I'm not changing any rules for you" I explained that I would have my husband call him to deal with the matter ( he had made it clear he wasn't going to talk to me) and he said "I don't care if you have Jesus himself call me" and he hung up on me.
I was shocked at how mean and hateful he was to me. That is just poor customer service.
I was told by a few other people that he treated them terribly also.
I will never give them my business, and hope none of you have to deal with him either.