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him and her
First of all.. I hope I did this right.. Does anyone know anything about the campground "Nashville Country RVpark" or "Country side Resort" or ?? can you recommend any for us. We are hoping to find a nice wifi/cable friendly park for 1 month there. We are beginners of 2 months fulltime RVers of doing any of this.. any help would be appreciated. thank you for having sites like this.
Hello Claudia ! cool.gif
Sorry we don't personally have insights for Tenn... (yet wink.gif )... just wanted to welcome you all to the site! Keep checking in...and feel free to add your insights and RV park reviews as you travel. Cheers!
Hi Claudia!

My family and I are newbies to RV'ing as well, and I couldn't believe the coincidence of you asking for a cg recommendation in Nashville as that is where we are headed, too.

I love this site; all the information, opinions, banter and cg reviews have all been a tremendous help while we have been on the road.

Although there are a few cg's listed for Nashville here, I can't seem to find one that will suit our needs; cable, WiFi, outside central city limits but within driveable distance, etc. We are looking for a 2 wk stay initially but possibly longer (we are relocating from CA).

If anyone has suggestions, or if you have found a park Claudia, and would be so kind to share, I would be grateful.


Him and Her,

The best way to get information and opinions about the two places you mentioned is to read the reviews on this website. There are several for each place, and they give a good idea of what the parks are like. We stayed at Countryside about a year ago and thought it was OK. Some reviewers felt the roads were rough and the sites unlevel, but we didn't have a problem with this. Their Wi-Fi worked fine. They did not have cable TV when we were there, but we could get several local channels. We have not stayed at the other place you asked about. There are several more campgrounds in the Nashville area that are reviewed here. Hope this helps.
him and her> Up until two years ago, I lived in GA and visited Nashville on several occassions. I checked my travel log and found that I had stayed at Country Side Resort, I-40 exit 232A. According to my log, I rated it a 7, but then I'm kind of stingy with my personal ratings. One negative I noted was that there was alot of road noise. But that can't be blamed on the CG. They can't control the flow of traffic. I have also stayed at the Holiday Travel Park and KOA in that same vicinity. Both were rated higher, but then so was the price to stay there. All were easy in and easy out facilities. If you are doing the Opry Land thing, then all of the CGs near it are OK. There is also a Camping World nearby.
Hi here's a site that can help Although it only shows a few campgrounds in Nashville area Try a "google search of Nashville may help also

Good Luck.

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