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Fly Fort
Hello everyone,

Since I'm planning a trip to the USA next year october with 23 other people and 6 RV's I want some opinion about some campsides I selected for this trip.

Found some reviews on the internet, but what to believe, someone is giving 1/10 another 10/10 for the same parc unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif

So here's my list:

5)Campground Grand Canyon

So, please give your opinion about these campsite if you have any experience with it, or you heard something about it.

Thanks for the effort

We have stayed at #'s 6, 7, & 8 and would stay at each of them again.
#1, Shady Elms NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

I have a friend that lives in that area, I went to visit him last year, I was thinking of staying at Shady Elms, and he said NO NO NO! Shady Elms is in an area inhabited by...... let me put it mildly...... "pharmaceutical dealers and female entrepreuners."

If you are going to stay in the Lancaster area, stay at THE CALIFORNIAN RV park in Acton. It's close to Lancaster. The only thing I didn't like about THE CALIFORNIAN RV Park is the entry way is really really steeply sloped. I have a bike carrier on the back, and I scraped bottom. THE CALIFORNIAN is your ONLY option in the Lancaster area. I have a review from November 2007, if you find that park (Californian), you may find my review.


My friend wouldn't even show me where it was, he said it was that bad.

Fly Fort
Only 2 people who give me an opinion about the RV sites I selected???
I'm not trying to be rude, but I think most people feel they are giving their opinion when they write a review for a place, and you can read those reviews. I did not check to see if all the places you listed are reviewed on this website, but I know some of them are. Not everyone will agree with each other but that is because different people like different types of places to stay. If you read all the reviews for a particular place you will be getting many different opinions, and they should help you make an informed decision.

As for us, we have stayed at Gouldings and Sam's Town. I would give both of them very good reviews (8 or 9's), but if you read the reviews for them you will find that some people hated them. The best you can do is read the conflicting reviews and decide for yourself. For example, several reviews have criticized Sam's Town for being a parking lot. This did not bother us. However, if you want a woodsy, back-to-nature type place, Sam's Town is not it. It all depends on what you like.

Check the reviews on this site, and you will get a good idea of what people think of the places you have listed.
Big Ben
Fly Fort many of the site you picked are Reviewed Campgrounds. You may have the wrong idea what this site is about.
The few people that frequent this form could not possible answer all your question. TexasRV is correct, they are just opinions and we all have different opinions.

Please don't take offense but read through here for a while and you will get a better idea of what this forum is about.

I haven't stayed at any of the places you listed, but two years ago we took a trip through that area and here is how we did it.

As you noticed, depending on who stayed where, the ratings will vary. We made a list of the parks that got decent ratings overall in the areas we planed to stay in. Since we weren't on a rigid schedule, we didn't make any reservations. We would arrive at one prospective park, and assuming it looked okay we'd try to get a site for a few nights.

There was only one park on that trip where we pulled in, turned around, and left. However, the next place on our list looked fine so we stayed there. There was no time on that trip when we were turned away due to lack of space.

Having been through that experience, we are currently planning another long trip and plan to do the same thing, arrive with a list of prospective places to stay and wing it from there. Also, we don't need a place that gets perfect 10 ratings from everyone. If it is just for a few nights we can deal with an average 5 rating.

You mentioned that you will be visiting the United States. Enjoy your stay. On that two week trip we met a few folks from other countries that were traveling in rental RVs. A great way to see the country.

Fly Fort
Hi Christopher,

Thanks for this informative answer.
The solution you gave is not bad, but we will be with 6 RV's, so I think it's better to make some reservations, that's why I started this topic, because if we don't like the site, it will be very difficult to find another with enough place for 6 RV's

We stayed at Catalina State Park near Tucson last May and loved the place. It is amazing how quiet and rural the park seems given how close it is to the city. A very well run park with good/large sites...also good hiking within the park itself.

We have also stayed at the Grand Canyon's Mather Campground and their Trailer Village w/in the park itself. Both are good, although only TV has hook-ups. The nice thing these campgrounds provide is close proximity to the rim (i.e., w/in easy walking distance). This proximity is great for catching sunrises and sunsets. Don't try to get into TV w/o reservations. We were there in May 2008.
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