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Full Version: Illnios State Parks Closing!!
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HI Just thought I'd share this from a fellow rver If our infamous governor has his way The following State Parks and Historical sites will be closed by the end of the year. Let's hope this doesn't happen because he wants to save money....

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Parks and services that citizens utilize are usually the first things to be cut when a budget needs to be balanced. Yet, services that politicians utilize are rarely cut, such as the governor's private chefs, housekeeping, limos, mansion, parties, etc. There's no reason the governor can't cook his own meals and pay for it and live in the home he did prior to being elected and clean it himself as well as drive his own vehicle and pay for his own gas and if he wants to have parties and dinners for others, let him pay for it out of his own pocket. If those types of perks would be cut from the budget there would be no reason to shut down state parks and other services that are beneficial to the citizens of the state.
And I'm sure this governor paid his own way to Denver to see the anointment of another Illinois Democrat laugh.gif
Florida Native
Politicians always close the most visible things. Local ones cut back the library hours and the school crossing guards. This is to cover up the fact that during the recent glory year of the real estate boom with huge increases in taxes, they spent money and hired new staff like drunken sailors. They need to get rid of new unnecessary personnel and not do the showboating.
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