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Full Version: Flintstone's Bedrock City
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Does anybody know if Flintsone's Bedrock City Campground still exists? My parents and I stayed there some 25 years ago when we went on a trip out west...I would love to take my family there when we venture out West...the campground was so unique...I remember each site was marked with a Dino Bone and all the buildings resembled those from the Flintstones....that's about all I remember about it...have no idea exactly where it's located at... except somewhere in AZ near the Canyon...Any help would be appreciated!
I've never been to the one in Arizona, but here is a website describing it:
I have been to the one in South Dakota, near Mount Rushmore. My kids were younger then and enjoyed the park. Here is a link for this one:
Here is a link with a news article on both:
Enjoy your trip!
Cheryl, Thank you so much the URL's supplied all the info I needed and even more...didn't know there was another Bedrock City at Mount Rushmore...thanks again.
You're welcome, glad I could help.
I know that Bedrock City in Arizona still exists because we stayed there just a few weeks ago on our way to the Grand Canyon.

It's in the town of Valle, Arizona which is 24 miles south of the Grand Canyon South Rim entrance on Highway 64. I used to have the phone number, but can't locate it now. I can see how small children might find the place charming, but our experience was less than stellar, and I can't say that I could honestly recommend the place. The power to our site kept shutting off intermittently all night. It's a big dirt lot in a very windy area, which means dirt and grit in your eyes and everything else. There are a lot of apparently permanent residents there, installed in pretty crummy trailers and such, complete with old cars, lots of junk, laundry lines, etc. The permanent residents seem to all be up against that big rock wall -- and as it was closed, we never did figure out exactly what is behind that big rock wall. We guessed it was some kind of amusement park thing, but didn't care so didn't ask.

Sorry I lost the phone number, but hope this helps anyway!

Thanks, Cathyvee, for the does seem a little more run down than what I remember, but I do recall that there was very little shade and when the wind whipped it did create mini sandstorms. We'll just have to see what it looks like and then decide if we really want to stay there...and I believe behind the big wall is the Bedrock town...actually we thought it was an amusement park when we stopped there and as a child was highly upset to find that it was just buildings such as Fred's house, Barney's house, the drive-in...etc...but was still kind of interesting....just want my kids to see a little piece of nostalgic Americana...thanks again for the info.
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