- AVOID this campground at all cost. I stayed in one of the trailers and it was in total disrepair and filthy....Not dirty, but filthy and infested w/ants. Most of the screens of the trailer were broken or completely gone, so mosquitos are a problem. I've stayed in lots of cabins and trailers and never seen anything for rent that was in junk yard consition as my trailer was. From the outside looks of some of the other rentals, this seemed to be the norm.

The owners are friendly at first, but if you have any trouble to report they immediately react negatively & have no concern for what does or does not work. As if they're not responsible to correct or compensate for the poor condition they keep the trailers in.

Trailer sites are very close to each other; lined up in rows. My understanding from the owners is that there is a lot of theft there & raucus behavior by the campers. In fact, they warned us that whatever was left out - even platic tables and chairs - would likely be taken. There was a DJ two of the nights I stayed and although quiet hours were to be at 11pm, someone played loud music till about 3am on one of the nights and although the owners house is close enough to hear, they did not address this.

I would not recommend this campground to anyone.