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Full Version: Anyone Ever Get Little Black Dots On There Coach From I Think Fly'
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dry.gif I have my coach parked here at home, and recently Ive noticed on my coach little black raised dots, this is the first time ive seen them, they are the size of a pencil head . They come off when you pick them with your finger nail and rub off the rest. It would take me for ever to get them off that way. Has anyone ever seen this and if so what is it from and how do I get them off. Its not sap! If someone has any suggestion please let me know. Thank you!! smile.gif
John Blue

Try Super Clean on them. That stuff will clean off anything. Pick it up at Wal-Mart in auto dept. We use it to clean off love bugs in FL. No damage to motorhome.
Thanks for your suggestion. As long as it doesnt hurt the motorhome Ill definetly try it, again thank you..... smile.gif
John S.
I get them on my truck where I park at work. It must come from some kind of tree as my other vehicles get very few of them. I have to pick them off and use a flexible scraper to pick them off.
use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Those things are amazing!
Thanks for all the advice I will try them. Boy I love this web-site!
I have heard that those dots come from parking near mulch. I have noticed them on my 5th wheel and they are only on the side where I have mulch along the pad. Of course it may be something else entirely as that side faces the woods about 50ft away.
fpresto, Its funny that you say that becouse there are wood chips all around my rv pad. More so on one side than the other, and the side that has more wood chips is the side with the little black dots. Ive had these wood chips for a couple of years and this is the first time this has happened.......strange!!!! Thanks for the info smile.gif
I have the same problem on mine- it's only on the back, and I have tried magic erasers to no avail. The only thing I've found that will pull them off is a scotchbrite pad, which is time consuming and hard on the finish (fiberglass). Anyone else have any suggestions?
I did some research. It is a fungus and it does come from mulch ususally hardwood. It is called Artillery or Shotgun fungus. The black dots we see are the spore packet and it gets it's name from the fact that the fungus shoots the spore packet towards light or if in shade towards any shiny surface. These packets can travel up to 20 ft and are often found on house siding, especially white, cars and RVs. has some interesting research done at Penn State on the fungus. Unfortunately there is no easy answer for their removal without leaving stains. I removed mine by scraping with a credit card and then Simple Green and a lot of elbow grease took care of the stains.
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