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Full Version: Indoor Pool Northeast
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Looking for a place with an indoor pool somewhere within a couple of hours or so from NYC. See some up in Lake George and Massachusetts, both of which are 3.5 hours. All our five-year-old wants to do when he arrives is swim, and it's now after Labor Day. If it's a place with a heated outdoor pool that's still open mid-Sept, that's fine as well. Thanks!! We have a 27' Airstream, and need a place that accepts pets.
Otter Lake Resort in Marshalls Creek, PA has a nice indoor pool.
Perfect! Thanks so much. Wish there were a way to search for an indoor pool on this or other sites, but there isn't. Much appreciated!
You're welcome. Don't be discouraged by some of the reviews. The park is beautiful and well maintained. Most of the problems people have with it is dealing with the Wi-Fi service. The indoor pool and jacuzzis on the other hand are great! And, this resort is absolutely stunning to see at the height of fall foliage.
Normandy Farms in MA
Normandy Farms was one of the ones i meant when I said some in Mass, but 3.5 hrs from NYC. But, yes, looks like an amazing place, and will go when we have more than a weekend. Thanks for the suggestion.
dog bone
otter lake is a nice campground. haven't been there in awhile. try to get there in daylight, some of the sites are a little tough to get into. the road going in has or had a high crown in the middle, my trailer laid over quite a bit towards the shoulder. poles and trees.
you will have fun once you get settled in.
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