Some have asked about Seaport Village RV Park in the Rockport/Fulton, Texas area. Here are my first hand observations of conditions in the park.
The website is impressive and the amenities are attractive but it stops there. Price incentives are offered to encourage long time residence, but the park policy is “if you don’t like it you can leave and I don’t want you back”. Another policy is “there is no refund for early departure“.

Now let’s talk about the park. The website says they are 800 yards from the Copano bridge. This is true and the water supply for the park is well water- not city water. I find the water to have a brackish, salty taste with a definite odor. I use purchased bottle water for drinking and cooking. Bathing is sometimes difficult because of the smell.

When entering the park do so very slowly. There are children playing everywhere. There are speed limit signs posting a 3 mph limit.
Be cautious of the children. They are respectful, well mannered children with a limited space to play. No they do not go to public school, but are home schooled therefore bikes, scooters, basketball goals etc. are always laying about.

The layout of the park is horse shoe shaped with the office, bathhouse, laundry, and what use to be the club house in the open end of the horse shoe. The park is very crowed, especially in the winter. After parking the rv’s there is little space for parking your vehicle Most have to park across the front of their rv‘s. This causes congestion on the drive and makes it difficult to get thru at times especially if you are pulling a trailer or boat.

The club house has been turned into a restaurant, which is generally closed when not serving. There are no more pot luck dinners or get to gathers as mentioned on the website. During serving hours at the restaurant getting into the park can sometimes be very difficult as there is no real parking area for restaurant customers and they have a tendency to park wherever.

Most people have to go to the front of the park by the highway to get cell phone reception.
Wireless Internet is available but only works if you are located in the front of the park.

The pool is not heated as stated in the website and some rv’ers left. Early departure.

In the early spring the oak worms go thru their yearly cycle of crawling all over and into everything. They get into your rv, drop down on you, get into your bed etc. Other parks hire exterminators to take care of this problem before they hatch. Some people are allergic to these crawling fuzzy worms and some rv’ers have left. Another early departure.

I have found my stay in the park to be very stressful and not enjoyable. We have made friends with a lot of people most of whom have left (early departures) and will not return.
I have decided that life is too short and the world is to big to have to settle for less.
I too have left not to return(early departure) while some others are serving out their time. In fairness there are some who are satisfied with these conditions.
There are many nice parks in the area that care about their guest and are appreciative of their business. Many are booked from year to year. Be sure and do your research before committing.

Yours Truly,
Early Departure