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Full Version: Mexico Pemex Rip Off
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When we left Edgar & Anna's in Santa Anna, Sonora yesterday, we stopped at the next Pemex on the right headed south #8234. I made sure attendant zeroed out the meter on the diesel, after fueling I noticed pump read 1853 pesos. The attendant wanted to show me something on my opposite front tire, which looked fine to me. He then pulled out a slip saying I owed 2250 for fuel, we went back around to the pump and someone had turned the meter back to zero.. We had a few words, finally got the manager over and he still wanted the 2250. I gave them 1900 and told them that was all. So be careful there...
Lee and Fran
Crooks abound to the south. You are not the first to see things such as this.
Crooks also abound to the north......and the east.......and the west. Be careful wherever you go.
Same thing happened to me several years ago at a gas station near Frankfurt International Airport, Germany.
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