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Full Version: Rv Park Recommendations
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Hi, new to camping - looking for a family friendly rv park in Alabama or Georgia over Christmas, hopefully with planned children's activites.Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Mel
MelB> I might be able to help if you narrow the area down. The coast, central area, mountains, commercial, state park, full hook ups or not????

well, duh, I guess I should have done that! hahaha Coast to central areas, full hookups, doesn't have to have a restaurant, indoor pool would be great.....Thanks for answering!
Sorry, that didn't help much either. Both GA and AL have limited coast lines.

I have lived and RV'd in both AL and GA, so let me mention some of the places
that I know you can't go wrong with and you can see if it fits your plans.

Hilton Head area which is actually in SC, but on the coast has two Outdoor Resorts.
One is limited to motorhomes.

In Arkadephia, AL there is DeGray State Park. One of the better state parks and
if it's available at that time of year, the sunset boat cruise is really nice.

In GA, I like Veteran's Memorial State Park. It's in the central part of the
state. Nice golf course, too. As mentioned by another post FDR State park is nice.

One of my favorite places was Crooked Creek State Park near St. Mary's, GA. That is
near the coast.

If you are going that far south, the Corp of Engineer CG at Lake Seminole, GA is very
nice.The GA side, not the FL side.

Now most of these places don't have an 'indoor pool' and some don't have FHU. But if you
want to take advantage of RV living away from the rat race, then consider using the holding
tanks that you paid for in your rv.

As far as planned activities for the kids - I'd suggest that, as it was in my day, most kids are happy planning what they can do with some dirt and water. Even those who sleep with their Ipods.

Welcome to the forum.
John Blue

"In Arkadephia, AL there is DeGray State Park. One of the better state parks and
if it's available at that time of year, the sunset boat cruise is really nice."

I know this town is north of Birmingham and very small but the life of me I do not find the state park anyplace. Did I miss the boat here? More information please, sounds nice.
Jerry S

DeGray SP is just outside Arkadelphia, Arkansas. There is a state park (Rickwood Caverns) near Arkadelpia, Alabama. RLM will need to clarify as to which park he was refering.
John Blue
Jerry S.

Thanks, I see the mistake now AL over AR, small problem. I see the two parks and we never like to miss parks other people think are great. Need to add this information to my travel list.
My Bad. DeGray is in AR. Obviously, not the GA/AL area, but still a very nice SP. I've used it several times. Golf course on site. Reasonably cheap for golfing. If you want to take a break from cooking, the lodge has a resturant.
biggrin.gif Not sure if you are still opened to suggestions. But there is a great place for kids in Silverhill, AL called Wales West RV Resort. Look at reviews and the website.
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