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Full Version: What Is The Coldest Temp You Have Ever Had Your Rv In?
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Ok, Pianotuna is trying to find a place to escape to that is warmer than 50 degrees at the moment. So, what is the COLDEST anyone has ever been in their RV? Storage doesn't count, you actually have to have been using the RV!

My first RV was a 24 foot Fleetwood Jamboree (Class C), and didn't have the cold weather package. I camped in MINUS 2 F one night. Only ONE night. I shut the curtain to the overhead to keep heat down in the main part. The next day, the entire overhead was iced over on the inside.

My second RV (previous to the one I have now), which did have an Arctic Package, the lowest was 10 degrees F above zero. I haven't taken my current RV anywhere cold yet, I wanted to go somewhere for Christmas, but weather is predicting more snow, and I'm not driving the RV in the snow. I'm chicken.....

Pianotuna told me his coldest was -34 F. Anyone top that? The MINUS 2 was enough for me, I'm not doing that again. However, I'm ok in 20 degree weather.... I survived 3 weeks of that in 2006....

This won't come close to setting any records, but it was pretty cold for two old Texans. We have been in 14 degree weather twice, and both times it was in Williams, AZ. These two times were quite memorable because the first time our furnace went out (and we didn't have our electric heater with us), and the second time a line to the ice maker in our fridge froze and caused quite a mess when it finally thawed out around Albuquerque. Guess our rig hates cold weather even more than we do!
Hi JJ,

LOL! Well better make it -34.6 F (-37 C). (I'd hate to loose my record).

I think I did tell you I once boondocked for 5 days at -27 C (-16.6 F) in blizzard conditions on the street in Calgary. My Kipor generator got a work out that week.

Maybe you should start a poll? *grin*
The coldest we've stayed was mid-20's and it was for 4 days over the Thanksgiving holiday. We were very happy for our electric blanket!! smile.gif

QUOTE(pianotuna @ Dec 16 2008, 07:11 PM) *

Hi JJ,

LOL! Well better make it -34.6 F (-37 C). (I'd hate to loose my record).

I was going to say NO WAY does -34.6 F convert to -37 Celsius, but I found an online calculator, and yeppers, you're right.

I remember in.... oh.... first or second grade, the teachers said that to convert from Farenheit to Celsius (or Centigrade), you "Just subtract 32 degrees." Later, I learned that only works at 32 F and 0 C, the actual scale isn't quite as linear as that.

Hi JJ,

The formula for C to F is

C x (9 /5) +32 = F


20C = 68 F

To solve for F

(F -32)/9 x 5 = C

Our coldest is -4 degrees - but that was in South Carolina, so that is Celcius. Haven't taken it higher then NC.
All of my RVs have refused to go anywhere the temp was below +35F!
Converting C to F. Isn't that like pressing one for English here in the US?

Anytime I experienced less than 45 degrees it was by an act of GOD.
Florida Native
I thought our 14 degrees F was cold. We did it at a campground I believe in NE or UT. Didn't realize how old it was until the next morning. We avoid the cold as much as possible.
Hi Abbygolden,

Head strong things aren't they? LOL!

QUOTE(abbygolden @ Dec 17 2008, 12:29 PM) *

All of my RVs have refused to go anywhere the temp was below +35F!

Lee and Fran
Well with this new RV we have only been down to 20's earlier this year in Utah. With my old camper many years ago I was on a deer hunt and got hit by a blizzard we were down to a minus -14. That too was in Utah but well up into the mountains over 10,000 ft. We ran the stove for heat cuz the furnace pilot kept going out on us.
Diesel truck don't like cold, 5er don't like cold and owners don't like cold. If it's gonna get cold the home has wheels :-).
ohmy.gif Back in 2003 when we still lived in CA my wife, daughter and I went up to Lake Crawley,Ca to see my parents in our 2000 Safari Serengheti, between Mammoth and Bishop on Hwy 395 in December. There where 2 nights it got to -11 degrees. even with 3 floor heaters going it was still real cold in the motorhome.Our jacks froz to the ground, the air lines where all frozen and it took us 3 blow dryers and about 6 hours to get the jacks unstuck and the air lines thowed. Never again will I do that kind of cold again. blink.gif
I'm with abbygolden and nedmtnman on this one!!!!
John S.
It was 7 degrees for a number of days and then we had 2 degrees one day as well. Winter camping is such fun...
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