Hi All,

I thought I'd mention that Canada is now included on Jenn's new Free Campsites map driven site. This is a great boon to me personally.


The criterion for adding a camping location are that fees for boondocking be $10.00 or under. For example if an electric site is $15.00 and dry camping is $7.50, then list the campsite and mention this in the comments field. Unofficial sites are welcomed.

Moving Sue of poi fame on the discovery owners site has graciously allowed the collected list of low cost campgrounds to be added at Jenn's site--it will take a while for those to be checked and become active, as some of them are "beyond the pale". Jenn is doing this as a hobby, so roll up your sleeves and offer to help.

Jenn doesn't want Walmart (or similar) locations added which I personally think is great idea. Casino locations are welcomed.

The site also lists the gps location for all entries.

Happy New Year!