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Full Version: Dog Accommodations In Rv Parks
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We are responsible pet owners who travel with our 2 labs. Before we had these guys we travelled with our beloved Newfie and a Lab who have passed on. We love love love parks that are smart enough to have fenced areas for off leash activity. There are so many benefits! Dogs get to romp off some energy and are healthier, bark less and are better socialized. Dog owners get to gather and discuss the various stuff that dog owners love to discuss.

The best park fenced areas have a dumpster nearby for waste and access to water for drinking.
The absolute bestest have an area for big dogs and an area for small ones who can then get to know each other thru the fence without massive anxiety.

I would like to know of parks that have these facilities and will advise that the "Lost Alaskan" park in Alpine Texas has a great fenced square that made our guys happy. Gulf Shores AL., (the city of) has a great dog park in memory of a guy who loved dogs. My dream would be to have such a wonderful memorial to me when the time is right. There is so much fun and socialability there it is great!

Just a suggestion, and not made to invite wails about irresponsible owners, yapping dogs and poor clean up. Save that for another thread!

There is a park in Sequim, WA that has a fenced in "puppy park." It's Rainbows End RV park. I have stayed there, decent park! I don't have a dog, but the only issue I take is that the puppy park is behind the propane tank, and I would hope that the puppies don't have an issue with smelling the propane when someone is actively dispensing it.

And, if I remember..... I think a park I stay at a lot in Richland, WA (Horn Rapids) has a dog walking area that has a fence, but I can't remember....... The only reason the Sequim park stuck out in my mind is because it's behind the propane dispensing tank, that can't be good......

There was a thread a while back that mentioned several dog parks. If you are interested it is on page 7 of the General Chat Forum. The title was "Dog Parks in RV Parks," and the last post was Nov. 26, 2007.
It would sure be nice to have a place like that, but I suspect the biggest reason is because space is money. If it isn't used to bring income, then it is wasted.

I have a Golden and a Sheltie who love to run all over the place. Luckily, the place I spend my summers has a very large field that they allow pets off the lead to romp and stomp and we take full advantage of it. The field will not be developed as part of the RV park but rather is used as a buffer against encroaching development.
All the KOA's around here, New Bern, Boone in North Carolina have fenced off areas for dogs as other Koa's advertise these too.
John Blue
"Lost Alaskan" in Alpine Texas has a large place for dogs on left as you come into park. Also has a great place to wash your rig and tow in back of park if you pay small fee to office. Nice park to visit.

Oak Plantation in Charleston, SC has a large dog run on left as you drive into park. This also a great place to stay.

One north of Charlotte, NC but I can not remember the name of park. Others here will know the name and post have been sent in about this park.
Checking in again on the off leash fenced area for dogs--Shadow
Ridge RV resort in Ajo AZ has a supersized dog run that works well for a workout. Not a socializing place--just for your own dog. Check the gravel for broken glass.

I will watch for other suggestions. I actually have yet to experience the KOA offering dog off leash areas but will continue to look.
QUOTE(Farmerswife @ Feb 2 2009, 09:25 PM) *

I actually have yet to experience the KOA offering dog off leash areas but will continue to look.

Maybe that's a western thing. I can think of a number of KOA's (just off the top) that have dog parks; Corbin, KY; Nashville, TN, and Indianapolis, IN all have large fenced dog areas.
We've been to a couple RV parks in the past month with good, fenced, off-leash dog areas:

Catalina Spa RV Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA
Meridian RV Resort, Apache Junction, AZ

Happy Travels!
Lewis and Clark RV Park & Golfcourse: Astoria Oregon has a couple nice places to let dogs run free. One is better suited for smaller dogs: entire field of mown grass surrounded and separated from the golfcourse by waterways. Second field is accessed behind the 9th tee-off, and perfect for your labs, with creeks full of trees and berry bushes to explore.

Just south of Tilamook Oregon: Pleasant Valley RV park. Surrounded by creeks and fields. He takes a wide swath mower around the main field's perimeter to give people and smaller dogs a good path, however the entire field is fair game for dog romping.

Riverside RV Resort, Port Charlotte, Florida has everything that you would want for our dogs. Small Dog Area, Big Dog Area, Pet Day with seminars, and much more.
QUOTE(denbroncs @ Feb 3 2009, 09:27 AM) *

Maybe that's a western thing. I can think of a number of KOA's (just off the top) that have dog parks; Corbin, KY; Nashville, TN, and Indianapolis, IN all have large fenced dog areas.

I take it back. We are at a KOA in Silver City, NM, with a great dog park. I will become a KOA member if this proves true across the country. Makes things nice for everyone!
The Myakka River Rv Resort in Venice, Florida also has a fenced in area for dogs to run.
Walt Newman
I think every park I have been to that has allowed dogs generally has a cheerier feel to them.

I have noticed several campgrounds that have had dog run areas, one of the most beautiful was at Pleasant Acres Camp in New Jersey. It seemed well kept by everyone using it, had a water source right near it and was stocked with baggies. It was also centrally located at the playground. and you could just see how many dog owners were excited about sharing their pets.

I believe there is also a County Park that seasonals raved about a few minute drive.

When we went to a campground in Maine, one virtually couldn't have their dog off their site. It seemed to make the dogs bark more.

If I were to have suggestions for dog parks, it would be to have a large enough area, a bench and perhaps two areas seperated by a fence to make sure there isn't a line to wait.
Maybe the ultimate in dog friendly parks is Four Paws Kingdom in Rutherfordton, NC. Not only is this a beautiful, well run park, it is basically all about the dogs.
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