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Full Version: Suggested Route
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After much reseach I have almost settled on the following:

25 foot Tioga Ranger for me, the wife and our baby through Monte RV.

1 night at Larry and Penny Thompson Campground Miami
-Stock up on supplies

5 nights Disney Fort Wilderness Campsite
-Catch up with Mickey

2 nights St Augustine at either North Beach Camp or Indian Forest

5 nights Skidaway state park
-Will be nice to spend some time in the forest and be close to Savannah

2 nights Cape Canaveral at Jetty Park
-Spend a day at the space centre

The St Augustine part is is to break up the journey a bit. I would be open to other suggestions for a couple of nights not too far off the route to on the way to Savannah.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions? Are there any particularly picturesque roads to drive on? Views on the campgrounds I've chosen? I thought that the above should get us to some of Florida's highlights whilst offering a taste or the south and the forest near Savannah.

Thanks in advance

John Blue

I have looked at your list and see no problems. Couple of items you may wish to look at.

In St. Augustine the two parks, one close to Atlantic Ocean and other good ways southwest of St. Augustine. We have spent time in Indian Forest and it takes a little time to get to town from here. On this web site pull up two campgrounds and then click on MAP, use the (-) key to pull back and look at campgrounds to see how close to city they are.

Sea food in town is some of the best you can find. Check out all the places to tour and see, lots of them.

On way to Savannah you have a Flying-J fuel stop that has lots of places for good size RVs to park. I-95 exit 29. Also note Blythe Island Park (county) at this stop as well, very nice place for RV people to spend time.

In Savannah you will need a car to go from park to city. Stop by the tourist center on MLK jr. at I-16 to get a free map of city. You will need the 5 nights here to see it all. Visit Old Fort Jackson & Fort Pulaski on the water east of city. Old Railroad roundhouse next to tourist center. Paula Deen has a great place to eat in heart of city, anyone can tell you how to find it. Riverwalk is old cotton center and now set up for tourists. If you can find someone to help you find the Garden of good and Evil do it. Tour all the squares south of city plus the old churches at same place.

You will need to buy a park pass at Skidaway State Park, check price per day over price per year, may be same and you will receive FREE nights on the year pass.

Have a great time in Southern part of USA.
Florida Native
St Augustine is a tourist town, but tht might e OK with your child. Great lace to walk around in the historic district. kee in mind that a lot of what you see is not really as advertised. I took Florida history in college from a former St. Augustine historian and it has been burned to the ground at least times and places like Jamestown are older as far as actual structure. Great kite flying on the northern beaches if you are into that. We kinda skip St. Augustine and go for Hanna Park in Jacksonville beach ourselves.
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