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Full Version: Digital Conversion Has Been Delayed....
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Read all about it.

John Blue
This will cost the TV stations a lot of dollars to keep up the old equipment to the June date. I do not think this set back will do much to RV people. By now everyone should have new TVs or DTV updates in place. Now the FCC can not sell the old bandwidth for new use. More lost money for the government.
Actually, what they passed only says they have to turn off analog broadcasts by June 12 - they can turn them off the original date if they wish.
I'm just relieved to know that our government has been hard at work; record defecit, rising unemployment, 2 wars going on. . . . and they have time to debate this?? Great job Washington! It's good to know your priorities are in order. blink.gif
yeah, and the indigenous nosepickers will rally again and the date will be changed again.
Lee and Fran
Utah is going with the original feb date for changeover so they may be one state that will be ahead of the ball.
I guess that means 4 more months of those messages scrolling across the screen for those stations that will wait until June. sad.gif
Florida Native
I don't want the "govment" to give me no darned box. i want them to give me a new 42 inch Hi-Def T and V like they promised in them elections. Keep your box and just give me my new T and V like you give me my food stamps, my welfare, my 'partment, my WIC, my cheese and all my other stuff.

Why can't we just show a little personal responsiility here in America and get off the government dole? One year notice and a free coupon is plenty of time to get the situation handled by yourself without government assistance.
QUOTE(Lindsay Richards @ Feb 8 2009, 03:58 PM) *

...One year notice and a free coupon is plenty of time to get the situation handled by yourself without government assistance....

I'm not generally a flaming conspiracy theorist...just guessing there's more going on here than meets the press-releases.

Granted, I've not spoken to ALL my off-the-grid, totally remote, totally poor buddies...but those I have... long ago figured out how to catch TV when it goes digital.

Me thinks the snafu is more likely on the broadcasting end of the spectrum... ?

QUOTE(FosterImposters @ Feb 8 2009, 04:13 PM) *


Me thinks the snafu is more likely on the broadcasting end of the spectrum... ?

I'm going along with your conspiracy theory! Of course, they HAVE to make it look like they are doing US a HUGE favor, but it's really their issue......

Lee and Fran
Conspiracys. LOL right, its all the whining liberals in washington who make 200000 a year plus that have not had a chance to get a free box or go to the store and buy a 5000 dollar digital tv that are slowing it down and nothing else. If you think its the broadcasting stations than go to any city that has stations and do a digital search and you will find they already have the digital stations up and running but just need to turn off the analog.
Jerry S
I read a couple days ago that approximately 30% of the 1800 TV stations in the U.S. made the 2/17/09 switch. Is anybody here now experiencing the digital revolution? Any problems due to the switch? Any comments about performance of the new system - picture quality, channel selection, etc? It would be nice to hear what those of us still in the dark can come to expect in June - unless they postpone it again.
John Blue
All the stations here in Tampa went digital over nine years ago so I think we are close to ready to go by now. You will have people not ready years from now. Some people will set and wait to the TV is dead before they change over.
At least one of our local stations announced they were turning off their analog signal on the 17th as per the first schedule. Here at home we can't tell any difference because we are on a cable system. Everything is just like it's always been. Unfortunately we have learned that our motorhome is not digital ready. We had thought it was until back in January when the local stations ran a test by shutting off their analog signal for about a minute. We could not get a thing on the MH TV's during the test. That is not too upsetting because we always pick parks that have cable. But even so we will probably try to do something about it before our next big trip.
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