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Full Version: Port Angeles Campground
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I have looked and looked at the reviews for campgrounds around the Port Angeles Washington area. Each park has very good reviews and awful reviews. I need to hear from someone in the area about what would be a good campground.

I would like a site with trees and some privacy. It seems as if there are not many parks that have privacy. I have looked at the KOA, Elwha Dam, Conestoga, Rainbow's End and every other one within 25 miles of Port Angeles. Also I have a small 17' trailer and some of the campgrounds will not tell me which sites are available. I am concerned that if I cannot pick my site or at least the area in which I would like to be, they will stick me anywhere, because I I so small and would fit pretty much anywhere.

Could someone in the area please help?

DavSuz, the "Rainbow's End" you mentioned is in Sequim. I don't know about the other Port Angeles Parks.

I have stayed at Rainbows End twice. I don't remember if I got to pick my spot or not, I don't really care. I'm 31 Feet with a scooter bike on back. I liked Rainbows End. But it's out of town. There is a cute restaurant close, within walking distance. In Sequim, I also stayed at Gilgal Oasis in Sequim. Great Park, it's in town, close to a supermarket. The only thing I didn't like about Gilgal Oasis is being "backed up" against another RV. They do put a separator between the RV's, but my cat LOVES the back window and, well, just try to explain to a cat that is clawing the shades, that, "Sorry, I cannot open the shades, because there is nothing to see, we are backed up against another RV....." (I don't believe in declawing, don't even suggest it!)

Florida Native
We stayed at Port Townson for several days at the Yacht club downtown and enjoyed it very much. Not a lot of privacy, but very nice and good facaulities. See photos at link.
Do you want electric hook up or not? If you can go without a few days, for the trees and close to Port Angeles, Heart o'the Hills in the Olympic National Park is nice, and assuming you might be going up to Hurricane Ridge it is at the beginning of the road up. They do not however take reservations, so if you decide to stay there, arriving Mon - Thurs. is a good idea.

Camping in the Olympic National Park

In Sequim the Dungeness Recreation Area is a beautiful place to stay, and they do take reservations. The sites are in the trees and most are about as private as can be expected in a campground on the Peninsula. If you ask for one closer to the bluff they seem to be more private, and you are only a short walk to a wonderful view. We walk there when in that area and pick out sites we'd like to stay in, next time we go we plan to seriously write down those numbers so we can go there next month for a night. If you want I can share the site numbers we think are most private.

Except for Mora Campgound on the coast, Dungeness would be my #1 recommendation in Clallam County. Nice trails, not far to either Port Angeles or into Sequim, not too big, can walk to the Dungeness Spit and see lots of shore birds, and there is other wildlife around, it is in a National Wildlife Preserve.

Dungeness Recreation Area

Sequim Bay State Park is nice, on the water, but further from Port Angeles.

I hope this helps, smile.gif I realize you may be looking for hook-ups so this won't be helpful. sad.gif

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