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Full Version: Camping near NYC?
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We would like to spend a couple days of our vacation seeing the sights of the big city. Would like to stay somewhere where we can catch a bus (tour bus would be perfect) into the city from near the campground. Just a little nervous trying to navigate around on our own by car. I saw the Liberty Harbor site.... any other suggestions out there?
Look up Black Bear Campground in Florida, NY, and then read the review on this campground at this site.
There is a KOA in Newburgh that gets good reivews (we have not been there yet) and they have tours that go down to NYC.

Happy Camping,
I looked up the Black Bear listing....wonder what tour the last poster was talking about and if it only leaves from that site. We'd only be spending a couple nights so we don't have to have a wonderful campground... a good tour would make you forget where you're camper is parked at night. After all...the bed is the same no matter where you park it. wink.gif
The tour from Black Bear Camground costs $68 per person, leaves at 8 a. m. most days,, and returns to the campground at about 6:00 p. m. It covers the entirety of Manhattan and the driver, Al, is so knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. You are right, even though the campground is lousy, the tour is great.

Newburgh KOA is a very nice park Large sites and easy to get to. Have been there a few times and love it.
We have stayed in Newburg & it is ok w/ a good nyc tour, but when we go back we will stay in Jersy City @ Liberty Harbor. People tell us you can take the train into the city & see everything. Sounds like more fun .
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