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Full Version: Bad Campgrounds
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This Western Horizons Resort park is reported to have substandard underground aluminum wiring going to electrical hookups which has possibly contributed to destroying the electrical components of several expensive coaches. Management is aware of the problem but has responded as follows: "While it would be great to replace all the electrical wiring, this is simply not going to happen anytime soon." Would you want to stay at this park and risk your RV? mad.gif
Just a quick question. Are you implying the wiring was inferior because it is aluminum, or is the electrical system of the park just substandard. The reason I ask is because you very unlikely to encounter anything but aluminum service wiring anymore. Copper service wire is unbelievably expensive and is not generally used in applications like an RV park. The fact that the wire is aluminum does not make the service inferior. Aluminum wiring is more prone to corrosion and expansion/contraction making routine servicing of the connections necessary, but it does not deliver a poorer quality of electrical service. Just thought I should point this out in case someone reads this post and then thinks the electrical service they are connected to could cause problems to their RV because the service entry wires are aluminum. Aluminum wiring in an RV park is not something you should worry about.
QUOTE(kcmoedoe @ Feb 16 2009, 10:29 PM) *

...Aluminum wiring in an RV park is not something you should worry about...

Thanks kcmoedoe
Sure didn't know this...makes sense.
Instead of just looking at the one review that was put in, you need to look at the poster's other reviews to truly understand.
QUOTE(HappiestCamper @ Feb 17 2009, 03:11 PM) *

...look at the poster's other reviews to truly understand...

YIKES ohmy.gif
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