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Full Version: Portable Air Conditioner
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We camp in a Coachman Clipper Popup that does not have an air conditioning unit. Does anyone use a portable air conditioner in their camper? If so, tell me about your experience. What product? Do you recommend it?
Hi I have TT so All I can say is that I have seen "small window AC units" setup in tents and I have seen a few pups with window units installed in the backside of the pups under the beds. Not sure how well they worked but I have seen quite a few done that way. I can say they were more on the "older" pups vs newer ones as most new ones come with AC or most people want them that way. Good Luck & Happy Trails
Lee and Fran
When we had out tent trailer we bought an evaporative cooler on wheels. One you add water to the tank and it flows over a screen behind a fan. Worked great for us. Kept us plenty cool without having to carry a heavy air conditioner and have to move it around.
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