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Full Version: Rv Gas Grills
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Can anyone give me reviews on an Olympian 5100 Elite Rv gas grill? We are looking at buying one for the outside of our popup, but we can not find any reviews on it or if it is worth the money. We can buy one from a RV dealership for $100 (retails for $200), they seem to be getting rid of all of them and they want them off their shelves. We are also looking at an RVQ II grill. Which is better. We already have a RVQ grill for the outside, but it is the older model. Any info would help, thanks.
I did a google on the olympian 5100 Elete RV Gas Grill.
Found this one on the search. It is full retail for $111 and on sale for $99. I am not sure if that is a good Grill. Many of the persons that I have med use the Webber Grill. We are using the Weber Mini Grill and set it on a table. We use a 20# propane bottle with a hose to connect to it. We keep the propane bottle in a plastic milk carton. Makes it easier to move and store. It does not roll around.

We use to have a Starcraft Pop up camper. Loved that trailer. We were younger and didn't mind the work to set it up.

Travel safe & may God Bless
We also use the Weber Gas Grille, model #200. Have purchased and used numerous inexpensive and some not so inexpensive grilles over the years, but the Weber 200 is the best for us... at least you can buy parts for any repairs, if needed. We use a 5# LP tank, small in size, does not take up much room, and will last at least 3to4 weekends of average cook times. Works for us.....good luck...happy camping....


We have an Olympian 4100 grille that we just retired. The reason for replacement was the replacement parts for repair were not ready available, plus it was not equipted with an ignitor and was a pain to hand ignite. Also took some time to reach it's full operating temperature.
Thanks for the info. We have looked at the Weber and have considered it. It's good to know that it is difficult to get parts for the Olympian. Never thought about that.

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