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I am wondering where people put their clothes in a popup? We have a wrap around dining area that has plenty of space under the seats for clothes, but am always taking the cushions off to get to the clothes. We have 3 children (10,7,5) so have to pack extra clothes for them. Or do you keep all your clothes in bags in your truck? I am just trying to get new ideas as we have a week long trip in 2 months (can't wait, tired of all this snow). Any ideas would help, thanks.
When we had our pop-up, we did one of two things. We each packed a small bag and just kept our clothes in them and stored them on the beds during the day. Then at night, we placed them on the couch.
Then we purchased a nice sized plastic tote that we could put the bags in, and just left them in there. The night before we would go to bed, we would get the clothes ready for the next day and have them in the camper. We had a nice sized awning on our pop-up, so we just left the tote on the side of the camper under the awning right by the door. Besides, it made a pretty good little table for stuff as well.
We had a large Palomino Mustang XL hardside, with a 12' box. So it was a fairly big pop-up with lots of storage, but like you said, lifting the seats up was always a pain.
There were 4 of us in the pop-up. And most of the time one of my wifes nephews would go with us as well, so there was usually 5 of us in a pop-up.
I bought several of the large plastic storage drawers from Target. I had one for each of my kids and those hold their clothes. While traveling, the slide nicely under the folded down sink and then when we are poped up, I stack them on the cabinet near their bed. It kept there stuff contained and allowed them their own storage space as they also hold their books etc.

That worked so well I bought a few more for food items and stored our dry food, etc in them as well.

Have fun!
Lee and Fran
I did the same as mom of three for our dishes and some foods. Had two the the short four drawer roll arounds. Set them on counter when set up and laid them on the floor when traveling. Was nice cuz we could also take them out in the camp if we were using the camp tables so we had the dishes and the spices and chips and such in the roll around cabinets out there with us and did not have to go back and forth for things. Did the same as KentuckyCampin for our clothes. Each of us had a small suitcase for our clothes and were kept on the second bed since there was just the wife and I.
This may be a little late but if you have a counter that you can spare a little space, I took collapsible storage cubes and stacked them up. I stacked them so the opening would face the table and placed all their clothes in there. When they were empty, I could collapse them so they didn't take up any room. I am pasting a site below that has them. I have a couple of the large and small sets. I could get 4-5 days worth of clothes in them to keep in the camper. We have 2 daughters-10 and 12.
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