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Full Version: "display Older Reviews" Not Working
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Hopefully this is the correct place to post this...

Is anyone else having an "error on page" come up when clicking on "Display older reviews"?

When I click on "Display older revews", nothing happens except a small caution sign and warning "error on page" comes up in the lower left hand corner.

I don't know if this would be related to my computer's settings for surfing the internet, and am not sure what to look for.

Thanks for any ideas!

It worked for me. What browser are you using? I have Firefox.

Be sure your browser is allowing javascript.
QUOTE(HappiestCamper @ Mar 19 2009, 08:08 AM) *

Be sure your browser is allowing javascript.

I wonder if that is it... how do I check for that?

I am using the latest IE browser.

I just checked under "Tools", "Internet Options", and "Advanced". The spot under Java is checked (which I assume it means it is enabled). When I open the "Java Console", it says "Using JRE version 1.6.0_05 Java HotSpot™ Client VM".

Thanks for your replies!
I am having the same problem. My java is activated and I have the most recent update installed. If people are able to view older reviews with Firefox I think the problem is probably related to Explorer. I noticed the problem early on March 17th. Hopefully it is a problem the webmaster can fix.
Hmmm... now "older reviews" is working on my Vista64 computer... I have to check to see if it is working on my WinXP computer.

Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch!

See my post regarding this under the topic "Coincidence."
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