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Full Version: Rv Resort Poorly Kept
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Hi, I am just wondering if there is a way to report to, let’s say , an organization created to monitor RV recreational resorts that don’t act properly and eventually report the facts to ….. I mean some things like the B.B.B. but specifically geared to campsites .
I am now spending my winter time in mid. Florida in one of a well know corporations (I shall submit the name in my campsite evaluation) and whatever is promoted in the resort’s feature, is not available or the information are distorted.
One of the main issue is the Club House, according to the administration, it appears that the unit was damaged by bad weather during last early Summer and in place is now being replaced with a “TEND” which is not practical for many reasons, namely, insects molesting the tenants, cold and humid in the evening and during the day when the sun is shining it is becoming an oven. I have to add that the justification for closing the club house is false since, from reliable source, the unit was closed by the Florida’s law because of termites.
We, the camper, have protested several times asking when the club house is going to be rebuilt and the answers have been always, soon.
Other issues are related to the Jacuzzi and swimming pool which are frequently out of order and waiting for spare parts.
The management is incompetent and very rude and they are not trained to deal with people.
I wrote to the corporation several letter explaining the issues and asking some deadline for repairs, well, in two months I am still waiting for a constructive answers.
I shall not come down in details because it would have more than one page to write, however, I would like to know if there is any serious organization, with some power, to make an inspection of this facility an take some proper action on this regard.
I appreciate anyone assistance on this regard.
The best solution is to vote with your checkbook and leave, pronto. Check out the area and move to a park you will enjoy. This situation is the perfect example of why this site is valuable and why you should never make a long term commitment without first hand knowledge of the park. A discount airfare to the area to look at a place you plan on staying at for multiple months is cheap insurance. I don't believe you can force the "resort" to build a clubhouse you like or get rid of the bugs or get you air conditioning you find acceptable. They obviously don't care about how their park operates, so complaining will not get you any results. Move Now Life is too short to live somewhere you are uncomfortable.
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