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Full Version: Georgia State Parks In Trouble
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John Blue
I received a news letter from Georgia State Parks system that money is a problem and Governor Sonny Perdue may close number of parks and state historic sites (a total of 13 sites), close golf courses, and laid off state works.

If you like GA state parks as much as we do then you also may be unhappy to see this change to park system. I added a web link at bottom that may help. Look it over and write people in power if you like to camp in GA parks. We buy the family annual park pass at $70 per year. This cuts cost by 10% on camping fees plus three nights of free camping and other perks.

Anything we all do will help. Remember the overnight parking problem in Billings MT?
Hi John,

I hope all who read this thread will go and offer support to the cause.
Washington State is having problems, too, and is proposing closing a number of parks.

Typical budget talk from state governments. Anytime they are looking to raise taxes or they need to operate within their means all you hear is they are going to cut back on Police, fire, teachers and close recreation facilities. That is because no one would care if they told you they were going to cut back on the staff at the Department of Motor Vehicles, cancel the remodeling of some state office building or if they told you they were going to delay for a year replacing the cars in the motorpool. I am willing to bet you the parks will stay open and the states will be able to continue to manufacture Red Tape at record outputs.
We had a VERY nice park here in KY. It fell under Louisville metro, but was not in Jefferson county. The city, like everything else right now, was short on funding for the next year, so they shut down the park. This campground/park was THE nicest place around here. They just put in a small water park for the kids last year!! It is Otter Creek park, and has around 25 miles of hiking/biking/horse riding trails, super nice campground, cabins, and Otter Creek ran through it where we could take the kids during the day and go swimming.
Well since it was not in Jefferson county, the city of Louisville shut it down. No county or city has stepped up to re-open it as of yet, and I dont think anyone will. The recession has hurt everyone, except those who have defaulted on their mortgages that were too big to begin with!! But that is another story all together! mad.gif
We were devastated when we learned that Otter Creek would be closed. So now we are going to be in search of a new favorite campground. Whats bad, is Otter Creek was only 20 minutes from the house!!! Talk about nice, could get off work and be camping by 7pm Friday night!!
We will miss Otter Creek! sad.gif
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